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I made my February payment on the last day of the month 2/28/15 at 2:59pm. When i pulled my credit report it shows they gave me a 30 day late because the lender chose to apply it on 3/2/15. i contacted provident who was unwilling to hear my dispute and told me this was disclosed in my contract that i signed with them over 10 years ago. Really? I spoke with two horrible managers Jessica and Brian who were no help and didnt care about what the customer had to say. i even provided a screenshot of the confirmation. They said because it was the last day of the month, it needed to be submitted on the 27th which was a business day. How is it possible to recieve a 30 day late when I made the payment 28 days from the due date? I will be making a complaint to the CFPB, FCRA, FTC, CDIA...anyone who will look into this deceptive act against consumers.

Mar 31, 2015
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  • Na
      Jan 27, 2012
    Provident Funding - awful com[pany
    Provident Funding
    United States

    I agree!! This company is terrible and I would never recommend it!!! Their customer service is terrible!!!

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  • He
      Feb 18, 2012

    Totally Agree!!!

    We are considering to walk away the loan we are doing with them now, even lost some money for appraisal!
    Underwriting there is ridiculous picky, they keep saying sorry all the time. I did not feel a real sorry from their heart.
    I believe they are familiar with "sorry " and "being late"

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  • Ms
      Sep 26, 2018

    Totally agree, they are the worst company to work with. My payment is due the 1st of each month, however due to the way my payday arrives, I have been consistently paying between the 25 and the 29 of each month on their WEBSITE ONLINE and I pay the late fee Every month. This has been for the past 3 yrs without incident... Recently Provident has decided to report me as 31-59 days late to the credit bureaus after assuring me as long as my payment posted by the 30th of the month, no such reporting would happen... I have submitted a complaint to Provident as well as to Equifax to dispute this.. All my payments on online for their viewing pleasure showing all posted prior to 30 days late.. soooooo we shall see...…..

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