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I've gone through teh most harrowing experience dealing with Seckel Capital and Provident Funding as the lenders:. It was clearly told to them thta the loan (which happens to be a short sale) has to be closed by a certain date a month and a half in advance|. It's been 10 days since the closing date has elapsed and yet, they are coming up with missing documentation". They are the most incompetent lenders and I would highly recommend people to not use them". They will take 24 hours to review a document no matter how much the client is suffering and then 24 hrs turn into 48 hours". After reviewing the document, they'll come up with a fresh demand and on top of everything else they would not consider lowering the rates even after your rate lock has expired no matter how low the market rates are at that point, . They've been harrassing us for two weeks now and despite providing all the documents, they are not closing the loan:. Please do not fall into their clutches.

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      Oct 08, 2011

    I totally agree with this complaint. Provident Funding is the most incompetent, unreasonable and bloodsucking lender I've ever dealt with. I applied for refinance with them in early August 2011 and locked in my rate right away. I have a FICO score of 814, stable job and steady income, and significant assets (cash, retirement savings, properties). First thing they did was hire an appraiser who grossly underestimated the value of my property. They told me I have to buy down part of the mortgage in order to satisfy their required Loan to Value ratio of 0.75. I appealed the appraisal but was turned down. Since I have enough money to buy down the mortgage and will be able to lower the monthly payment with the lower loan, I agreed to proceed. The person assigned to handle my case clearly didn't know what she was doing, constantly asking for documents that I have already provided or additional documentation that was impossible to get. I was often left in the dark as to the status of my application and the reviews of documentation. Unless I called or email this person, I never got an update. My lock-in period of 1.5 months had expired and my application was still not approved and I wasn't offered an explanation. Each time I called I was told they are still waiting for my insurance company to provide them the info they needed (something about policy declaration which I already provided to them). With my constant badgering we finally scheduled closing last week (Sept. 29). A representative of their settlement company (LenderVend which is owned by Provident) came to my house to have me sign the closing documents. I was shocked when the person who showed up for closing couldn’t explain to me what documents I was signing. She looked like a HS student wearing jeans and sneakers and smelling of cigarette. She said if I didn’t want to proceed we can just cancel the closing. The documents I was signing were emailed to me a couple of hours before closing so I didn’t have time to review them before closing. I was even more shocked when she said I’m supposed to get some money when in reality I was supposed to give her a check for the closing cost. Within 1 hour we finished the closing and even though it was not the closing I had expected I felt relieved that it was over. Or so I thought! When I called my previous lender on Monday (Oct 3) I was told that my loan with them has not been paid off. Right then I sent an email to my Provident agent asking why they haven’t paid off my loan. Not until Wed Oct. 5 did I get a response from her, stating they need to see my most recent bank statement and proof of employment. This made my blood boil! Why are they doing this now after I have given them the check and signed all the closing documents??? I emailed her the documents anyway and the next day she came back with another email asking for documentation on where I got the money that I paid for closing and also an updated statement of my 401K for reserves. Are they for real??? And this is all happening while I am on work travel managing a conference which really pissed me off. I emailed them again the document and demanded that they pay off my current loan or I’ll take the appropriate action to protect myself, especially since I am still responsible for interest on the previous loan since we closed last week and the money that I paid for closing was already taken out of my bank account.
    I promised myself to share this experience with other borrowers so they know how terrible Provident Funding is. I encourage others with similar experience to post and share their frustrations to protect the public from this unscrupulous lender.

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      Feb 23, 2012

    After reading the above complaint, I guess I should be happy Provident fundings appraiser low balled my house.. I asked for a review. I was told I had to send them a reason the appraisal was wrong. I did, so far no return call. Except for loosing a good rate lock and $500. I think I am lucky.

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  • An
      May 27, 2012

    Almost the exact situation here. Please sent you experience to Fox 4 news in Dallas. I am sending my complain to Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending in Austin Tx. and have a copy of my complain to Fox 4.

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