Provident Fundingbad customer service

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My name is Duane Downs and my wifes name is Ida, on 9/21/12 Ida called provident funding (since you are our lender), requesting information about refinancing. We recieved a call back from a Jessica Schumacher that day. Since we were gone at the time of her call back, I emailed Jessica to let her know that my wife would get in touch wit her in a couple of days, since she was out of town.
My wife called Jessica on 10/3/12 and left a message with somebody that was to let Jessica know she called.On 10/4/12 I sent another email stating that we would be home all day on 10/5/12. Since we didn't hear back, My wife called again today 10/5/12 and was told by a "Chris" that they would make sure that jessica would call us back by 6:00 p.m.Suprise, NO CALL BACK! What's going on????

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