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Proton Gen 2 / Bad Services / Poor quality

1 Malaysia

I bought my Proton Gen-2 in December 2007, and up to today my car is not up to 3 years. My car have been given me many problems since the 1st year of purchased. Every time sent to Proton Service Center, I'm upset of their service. Proton Service Center is not honest.

Recently it happened to my car. November 2009, I found out my car temperature meter up and down, so I decided to sent to Proton Service Center in Puchong, their technician just check and told me have to change the fan radiator. I refuse for them to change cause it cost me around RM1000. I took the car out, and my friend just check and see, is not the radiator problem. Is just a fius burnt, and after changing the fius that only cost me RM10, the meter goes normal again.

November 2009, my car break down and have to call tow truck to tow to Proton Service Center in Puchong. After the car been tow there, the technician told me that my car have to left for them to check due to electrical board problem, I left it there on 1st December 2009 until 4th May 2010 (almost 6months) the car was there. In between Jan 2010, the technician told me that they have to change the whole fius box, and they are still waiting for the parts. In the month of February, they called again and told me that there is no part available either I've to look for myself or have to wait, they don't know how long it going to take. I'm very surprised they told me this. My car is national car that made in Malaysia, and no parts available. Very disappointing and regret to buy national car.

I always called to follow up with them about my car. In the month of May, they told me that my car is ready and I should come and collect it. On 4th May 2010, I collected my car, in the evening itself, I found out that my radio is not functioning, my car air-cond is not functioning, the alarm system is not functioning, the temperature meter is at the red line (the highest). Before I took out the car, I aware about the temperature meter, the technician told me is will come down later. I called to I-Care to make complaint, they said I should sent my car back to Proton Service Center in Puchong. And I did, I sent back the next day. Very disappointed with their services. The car have been in with them for more than 5months and they told me to collect the car, and there are so many problem with the car. Have to resend back to them. The technician want me to leave the car to them again due to wiring problem. I left it there. They asked me to come back and collect the car in 2 days time. After 2 days, I went back there in the morning, I found out that they didn't do anything on that car. They just open the front bonnet thats all. They said I should come back in the evening cause they not yet check the car. Wow... is this the way they do their work?? Later I came with a male friend of mine, and spoke to the incharge person. And he told him seriously that we need the car, no matter what he have to fix it done. Not up to 2 hours time, he change the radio, and replace a radio that is functioning but is not a good one.

Due to the car been left there for long, I found out the radio have been changed to a spoiled one. The in-charge person did told me that the air-cond is not working due to the " issuel" under dash box have to change. And it will cost me RM1200 to change. And said the wiring problem, that they don't have a technician that is expert on wiring. Due to I need to used the car, have no choice. After a month using the car without air-cond, the car breakdown again in the night and have to tow the car to my friend's house. Due to I'm busy and out station. My mum went back to the dealer, and the dealer told me that I should make a complaint to their HQ complaint hotline. I did called them and complaint to an Indian guy, he said he have to investigate it and call me back. But he didn't call me back for almost 2 weeks. And I called that number, no one answer the call. Really disappointed!! I called to I-care, and the manager said I should sent my car to their Proton HQ Service Center due to the wiring technician is there to solve my problem. End of the month of August, I tow my car there. And Ms.Ayu told me that she will let me know on Monday about the condition, and promised me that my car will be out maximum 2 weeks. But sadly, after 2 weeks, she told me that is a major problem, suspect my car engine enter water. And the car will be ready after Raya, after Raya I sms her and asked her when is my car will be out. She called me and give me a quotation of a price RM5500 to repair my car.

I'm really really disappointed and regret to bought this car. I'm a student, and I've to pay my car loan every month, and most of the time, my car is in the workshop and I've to spend money for cab. Please give me a good explanation, and I want my car to be fix. Is it the responsible have to go back to Proton Service Center?? If they diagnosed the problem well, there will not be so many problems coming up after that. Change the fius box, then wiring problem, now making me to spend more and more... to change this and that... Is not fair to me...

I want compensation. I noticed something is, every time, I sent my car to proton for service, they will said I need to change
this and that... and every time it will cost me thousand Ringgit above.

Please take action...

Very disappointed customer.

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