Proton Edenvalle / lying to clients

South Africa

Now Picture this. you finally found the car you always wanted. You go into the dealership and the following is told to you: "Ye Sir this is a second hand car, but its been for a proper check by specialists, the brakes is brand new, the air-con has been re-gassed, the wheel alignment and balancing has been done, the car is as close to brand new as you can get. plus there is an extra safety feature in the car. the previous owner fitted an extra I'mmobilizer into the car and this is fully functioning..."

you buy the car and for the first few days you are as happy as you can be. BUT THEN. you drive on the highway, going past 100km/ph the steering starts shaking...mmmmmm wheel alignment and balancing - NOT DONE
a few days later it rains, you turn on the back window water squinter...mmmmmmm NOT WORKING AT ALL.
you notify the dealership of the problems and all they say is bring the car in to us again, but we wont be able to give you a loan vehicle while we work on your car. Please note i live in Pretoria, so traveling will be on my account.

without getting anywhere, you drive your car for almost a month. more or less 2300km and what need to replace brake pads. can this be i was told they were new brake pads.

i end up taking the car in for repairs on it. surprising the following were faulty:
1. Need new Brake Pads
2. Back Window water squinter is broken
3. Left back door needs new rubber as it leaks water into car
4. Wheel alignment and balancing needs to be done
5. The suspension has got 5 lose nuts - completely lose
6. The "extra" I'mmobilizer that i was told is in the car is not an I'mmobilizer but rather still the previous owners tracking device and this is causing my brand new battery to go down
7. Need to replace battery on vehicle

as you can understand i wasn't happy about this. i contacted the DP on Proton Edenvale. not being happy and understandably in a bad mood, i explained everything to hI'm. and instead of hearing I'm sorry for this and ill sort this out for you. the DP told me that he doesn't like my attitude and that I'm lying.

so now for the 3rd day in a row i still don't have a car to drive around with. and not even all the problems has been sorted out yet.

so if you want some advice from me.

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