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We are in a 2-year contract with our service provider who uses this company (ProtectCell) for insurance. We pay $10 per month for insurance (so $240 over the life of the service provider contract and phone which we also pay monthly payments on). We got our daughter an LG G4 (was the latest model at the time). She had it around a year and all of a sudden it would just reboot over and over again and never start. We researched and found this was a defect in the G4 phone that was well known to LG - it was called a boot loop error. LG was replacing these for free, but only for a certain amount of time after purchase, and we had exceeded that. So, we used the insurance option by ProtectCell. We paid a $200 deductible and they sent us another G4 (this was about 5 months ago). It turns out they sent us a "refurbished" model, and this phone developed the same boot loop error a few months later. We called them and complained saying how much we paid for 1 1/2 year old cell phone model that was refurbished, not even new, and how they should replace it for free. They said they would and had us ship it to them. We shipped it and then several days later they called and said they would not give us another phone because this one had water damage. My daughter never got this phone wet - most likely it was water damage that was there from whoever owned it before it was refurbished. On top of that, we are very familiar with the boot loop problem (which is caused by the phone overheating) as we already went through it before, and that is what it was doing. This company is a rip off - I would never get phone insurance from your provider if they use this company.

May 12, 2017

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