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ProtectCELL / experience

1 Fredericksburg, VA, United States
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I have had to use the service twice, purchased the ProtectCELL COMPLETE™ that was the best plan they offered, paid in full at the Verizon store ~$200.00.

The first time experience was fine, broken screen on my new S4, I would rate the overall experience * * * * 0.50 stars. I was surprised at the $150.00 charge for the first replacement and $200 any further replacements, ( - 1/2 * ). I chalked that up to me not reading the fine print. Wish I had been told this up front at the store and it would not have stung so bad when I used the service for the first time. You will have to pay the replacement fee up front. The replacement was a fine re-manufactured device that worked out of the box. Had to get all the updates, etc on the device, but so do new ones out of the box, not a big deal. The replacement was shipped in a timely manner and arrived via Fed-Ex, signature required. Their Website kept track of everything on the request, when the device was shipped, tracking info, etc. With all things considered I was pleased with the service and happy to have purchased the ProtectCELL COMPLETE™ insurance plan. Even bragged to some of my friend about the experience and how I had made the correct dissension purchasing the plan.

Now my second time experience = ZERO *'s, hence my rating ( 4.5 + 0 / 2 = 2.25 ) * * 0.25
Some history: The S4 received some updates then afterwords the touch screen became not-so-responsive. After a week or so, I could not enter the password on the S4 and I was unable to get into the smart phone. After some "googling" for a fix, none of which worked, I took the S4 back to my Verizon store for assistance. They were also unable to correct the problem.

My options, purchase a new smart phone for full retail price ( 57 day till the 2 yr contract runs out) -- ouch!, or turn in a claim to ProtectCELL. I had almost forgotten about the insurance until the Verizon rep went through my account. Heck yea I exclaimed, had a great experience the first time around and was proud of my decision to purchase ProtectCELL. I had the Verizon rep call from their phone and paid the $200.00 and verified my mailing address, done! According to the ProtectCELL customer service rep on the phone that took my $$ I should expect the replacement S4 in a few days, tomorrow or the following day at the latest.

Here is where things start to turn for me: Went back home and logged into the ProtectCELL website to see the Request Device Activity and sure enough there was the second request. I could not get to the status of the claim though, ?????... Therefore, I could not see the status or tracking information. Didn't think to much about that, but I was a little disappointed that I couldn't see the status. Next day, no S4. Second day passes, no S4. Third day passes, still no phone???? Logged back into the ProtectCELL website to see the Request Device Activity and sure enough there was the second request but still could not get a status. Can't call because my smart phone is broken, so I sent them a note via their " Contact Us" link on their front page. They sent me an email requesting I call or use the "Live Chat" option. Had to choose the "Live Chat" option. At 18:45 I was second in line, at 18:48 I was next in line on the chat... >120 minutes later, I was still next in line... I sent multiple requests for service with no response via email. The next morning the chat window was still active and I was next in line, that's >12 hrs being next in line. When I get back home from work, I have an email from a "Contact Center Supervisor" requesting my "shipping address"; are you kidding me???? the address was verified 4 days ago when they took my $$ over the phone at the Verizon store, and has never changed. So now being the weekend, the Contact Center Supervisor responds back that the S4 will be shipped out Monday. If your keeping track, 7 days before the S4 will "supposedly" be shipped.

At this point I feel abused by the plan and what I've gone through to still have no replacement or tracking information at the very least. They have, in my opinion, failed by using stall tactics to replace my S4. They were able to take my $$ without a problem, within minutes, before the phone hung up at the Verizon store.

Jul 12, 2015

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