Protect America,Did not honor agreement

Entered into an agreement in August 2013 for a home security system and monthly monitoring. During installation it was determined we had a faulty sensor. I was told by the technician would be shipped to replace the faulty one. As of April 2015, we had still not received the sensor, this is a violation of the agreement as Protect America was to provide all of the equipment per the agreement. Furthermore during April 2014, our system activated for an unknown amount of time, and we were never notified. When this was brought to Protect Americas attention, the blame was brought back to me (the consumer). They stated the consumer is required to test the system monthly in order to ensure it works.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Austin, CO Even if I test the system today and it activates tomorrow with no notification does that still mean I am at fault? I was paying $54 a month for a so called "monitoring" fee, that was suppose to protect my house and family, but due to these issues I ceased payment in December of 2014. I have given Protect America additional opportunities after December 2014 and they have still failed to provide adequate services and customer service. They can also not show me evidence they shipped a replacement sensor in 2013. This company has violated the agreement but has pushed blame on me for "not calling when I didn't receive the sensor", once again they ensured me one would be sent and if never was, but as normal they push the blame off on to me. If I can't trust this company enough to get a sensor replaced then am I suppose to trust them to protect my house and family? I believe not.

Jun 19, 2015

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