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Know this before you order the system. The "look" is pretty hideous. The control box looks like an enormous, white, 1980s answering machine. Do you really want this sitting by your primary door? The door triggers are also large and obtrusive and white. If you have dark door frames they will stick out like sore thumbs. I took it out of the box, realized I couldn't live with the aesthetics and immediately called to cancel. As I was inside of 7 days, this was allowed, however, I am being charged $80 for a "restocking" fee. (That's $80 for someone to take it back out of the box.) Yes, that was in the fine-print box that they ask you to stop and read during their pressure sales call, but that only makes it slightly less odious.

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  • Da
      15th of Jun, 2011

    i have been looking into this company to replace my current security system. although you are one of maybe five other complaints that aren't about protect americas service contract, this was your own fault. you obviously had a chance to see the unit on the website before you bought it, you should have also looked at its technical specs to see how big it was.

    as for the restocking fee, i used to manage a distribution center for a car audio manufacturer. they are not simply charging you 80 dollars to take it back out of the box and get some cash out of you. that 80 dollars includes shipping it back to them, once its been delivered back to home base, it has to be scanned in by an employee and taken out of the box, then it has to be tested by another employee to make sure that you or the delivery service did not break it, then another employee has to scan it back into inventory and put it where it belongs.

    think about it like this, shipping for something is usually 20-40 dollars, i'm going to high ball and say it cast 40 dollars to ship it. then three employees who al get paid 10 dollars an hour or less have to handle the contents of the package. that restocking fee is paying for the work that has to be done to RESTOCK what you didn't want.

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