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Dear General Manager, I am appalled by the state of your hotel and the incidents that occurred at the Hotel on the morning of 22nd of November 2012. I checked into your hotel and drove to the parking are in front of the residences. There is INSUFFICIENT parking bays for the number of rooms, and as these rooms border on your conference facilities, there was minimal parking. When I checked in, your staff had not received my voucher from my company, which I mailed to them (why did they not follow up during business hours to receive the voucher??). I parked in the last bay at the end, and went to my room. Dinner, if it could be called that, was appalling. Left over salad, limp and drying, and POOR food consisting of a BONY meat stew, fried chicken and left over vegetables covered in a white flour sauce. All for R130 rand. I am appalled that you allow food like this to be served. In the morning, I stepped into the bath, which felt "Flimsy" and soft. during the shower, the bath broke, causing me to fall. Fortunately I was not injured, but I have photographic evidence of the quality of the bath where it broke. In the telephonic conversation I had with you, you had the nerve to tell me that I would not be charged for the bath, as the contractor you used had provided poor quality work before. What kind of establishment are you running here?? When leaving the hotel room to check out, one of your guests had decided that as there was insufficient parking, that I had parked in the bay directly in front of his room and refused to move his car. Your staff were incapable of convincing him to move his vehicle, and after I attempted to reason with him, he told me that he wasn’t satisfied with the bay the staff had allocated to him and could wait while he slept. He was verbally aggressive and physically threatening. Only after I asked your staff to call the POLICE, did they contact you to discuss this with him. I arrived an hour late for an important meeting.

1. Your catering is appalling
2. Your reception staff are unprofessional
3. Your facilities are substandard, including poor parking allocation and poor room facilities.

I will NEVER stay at this hotel again, and will make recommendations to my very large organisation never to use your facilities. Furthermore, this WILL be submitted on social media sites to notify the public of your careless attitude and lack of respect.

Protea Hotel
Protea Hotel

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      Nov 23, 2012

    You forgot to mention you will also tell all your family and friends.

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      Jun 06, 2016

    Yes I Agree. Specifically the GM of Protea Edward hotel Durban. He is VERY IMMATURE AND IGNORANT. Quick to pass the buck on his staff with out fact checking. This I have caught him out on. How are you expected to be respected as a guest in a hotel when the GM him self has no respect for staff and hence the staff have adapted this behavior. I had to wait on him for ages to meet with me. He just sat in his office avoiding me. Sending his staff to convey messages back and forth like a ping pong match.

    All one needs to do is just loiter around the reception area and you will hear much much more about the poor management in the hotel. Dont just take my word for it. Try it for your self.

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