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I am Paul Filstrup of Saint Joseph Michigan and have auto, home, and now trailer insurance with Progressive. I was living in Tanzania in 2015 I decided to switch my home owner insurance to Progressive. I filled out all the info online and it all looked good, I talked with your staff, and I thought that I was insured. When I returned to Michigan in May 2015, I found a packet from your contracted provider (Ameriprise or IDS) that required me to fill out the same info as online and sign and that stated that we were not covered by any insurance until they received the signed documents. It turns out that, when I called them, the whole process had been cancelled and that we would have to redo the whole process.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Mayfield Village, OHI was never told that I would have to sign any documents. I did recover by calling Progressive and they hooked me up with Homesite (policy# [protected]) and the whole process was quick and efficient and we were able to get home coverage again. The same thing just happened with me and trailer insurance (we had just purchased a trailer in Colorado) - I did all the processing over the phone with your Progressive agent and thought I was insured (policy# [protected]). When I got home on April 5, there was a packet of forms that we had to sign and mail back by April 9 - I was never told that this would happen. I filled them out and mailed them on April 6 so I hope that I am covered. You need to inform people that there are forms coming that have to be signed.

Apr 07, 2017

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