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My friend was involved in an accident in my vehicle and because she didn't understand what to do she left without contacting police. Upon seeing the damage and hearing her side of the story, I contacted the other party's insurance company and filed a claim. He also filed a claim through my insurance company, Progressive. At first Jada Mims from Progressive put up the facade that she would fight for me, I soon found out that was not the case. The other party lacked responsibility to return phone calls, texts, and emails from his own insurance company and they informed me I would be found liable if they didn't reach him. At the same time Jada is also trying to get me to pay my deductible so the damage could be repaired and she claimed that she would seek reparations from State Farm. Feeling that no one was fighting for me, even my own insurance company, I tried everything that I could to get a video of the incident from security cameras and even get police officers and collision repair specialists to give me their opinion of what happened. Jada called my mom, not me, and informed her almost a week after the incident that she found my friend liable and she was closing the case. She gave my mom no information on why she found my friend liable just that the other party had finally sent in pictures of his damage and a video of just the parking lot where the incident occured. She also told my mom that I would be receiving a phone call as soon as she got off the phone with her, I never did. I attempted to call her multiple times from Thursday to Tuesday, left several voicemails to call me back, and even called her supervisor who never answered. I was trying to inform her that his insurance company still had the investigation opened even with the pictures he sent in. They were also in the process of requesting my campus police to let them see the footage. On Tuesday I received a call from State Farm saying that I wasn't liable, his vehicle backed up way too wide and came into a no parking zone then struck my driver's side door leaving a big dent. After hearing that I attempted multiple times to get into contact with Jada, still nothing. I then called the 1-800 claims number, informed them of my issue because they had already added the liability to my mom's insurance account but had yet to pay any repair costs. The guy that I spoke to was very helpful in calling Jada and finding out that she was available to speak and he transferred me over to her. When she answered she had the rudest tone and basically told me that she found me liable because his side of the story matched the damage. His side was not consistent with the damage and any average person could see that. His story was that he backed up and was about to put his car and drive. My friend backed up and hit his bumper causing a small dent on his passenger side. For that story to be true cars would have to be able to drive from side to side. Seeing as that is impossible with modern vehicles, the damage you would get from his side of the story would only be scraping not a big dent. When I asked her how did she come up with that she kept her stance on how it happened saying that she also brought it up in a group meeting and everybody agreed with her. I told her that state farm saw the video tape and told me my vehicle was never in motion and he struck mine from backing up too wide and she still stuck with her story rather than telling me how she was going to fix it. Finally she felt the need to call state farm and confirm my story and called my mom, again not me, to tell me that whoever I spoke to was a liar about the video tape but would go ahead with the process of saying he was liable. My issue is not only of how she handled it and how I had to essentially fight two insurance companies to prove my friend's side, but if the other party had even cared at all to keep up with his insurance company and tell them that my insurance said he wasn't liable they wouldn't have even bothered to look at the tape. I would be out of thousands of dollars that I don't have while progressive is making a nice profit off of it. Seeing as though his damage was very minor max payout for him might've been $300 as for mine, $2, 600 and that's if nothing else needs to be fixed seeing as the door has to be completely replaced. If this is how Jada handles claims then she honestly should never work claims again because I am sure that she has done this to other people before.

May 15, 2017

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