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Proactiv Cancellation Scam!
I wanted to cancel after 30 days of using the shipment (small bottles because 1st month trial supplies) because it made me break out even more worst than before. After calling them and talking to your "specialist” Robert, I somehow let Robert convinced me to not cancel and to continue on with using their products because he said that my outbreak will get worse before it can get better and I still have 60 to get my money back guarantee if it's not working out for me or if I'm not satisfied with their products and a new ship (2nd shipment for 90 days worth of supplies) is about to be shipped in a week to me. One important detail he left out which he intentionally failed to mention to me) was that in order to get a refund back I will need to keep all the bottles they sent me (empty or not)! At that time I still had my empty bottles, but ended up throwing them away because it doesn’t say anywhere on their website that you have to return the bottles for refund…it just says “60 days back money guarantee” if not satisfied and the specialist I spoke to never mentioned it, knowing that I really wanted to cancel within 30 days. In addition, he made it seem like it was easy to cancel and get money back by just calling them back to cancel and you will get money back if you cancel within 60 days. Now I’m not getting a refund! All this was very misleading and just a scam to get your money! On top of that I am being charged $108 for my 2nd shipment of 90 days supply! Total cost and charges about $151...yikes! I hope they don’t continue to charge me even after I have cancelled everything just recently. But I won’t be surprised if they do after reading all these Proactiv complaints. Customer service is definitely terrible when you want to cancel! Also, this product doesn’t work at least not for me…I ended up with more outbreaks and swollen, red, itchy, dry eyelids even though I did not use this product near my eye area (very strange allergic reaction, I guess). Hard lesson learned here and I will never recommend anyone to buy online because this is how they get you for your money!

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      Jun 27, 2012

    "he said that my outbreak will get worse before it can get better"

    And you fell for that line of crap? Go to a dermatologist.

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