Proactiv / horrible customer service! avoid at all costs!!!

United States

The company has the WORST customer service I have ever seen, literally. One cannot update or change any information on the account page, and talking with the online chat reps or phone reps is pointless.

They promised to place my account on hold in December 2017, but never sent a confirmation email (I stupidly trusted their word) and continued to send shipments. When I tried to cancel the account after the automatic shipment in April 2018 that I never agreed to or was notified about, I encountered HUGE problems. Beginning with the online chat rep, I reiterated dozens of times that I did not want to continue the product before the rep finally agreed to cancel. Then, all I got were promises that the account was canceled but no confirmation email has been received, the account page remains active with future shipments and charges listed, and I am unable to delete my credit card info or update my account profile. The repetitive refrain is that it takes "24-48 hours" for any update or email to send, which is simply a bald-faced lie in this day of computer technology, but even if a lame Proactiv practice, it has been well over 48 hours with NOT ONE EMAIL CONFIRMATION or update to my account page.

I asked to return the shipment and got the run around there, even though it says a "60-day money back guarantee" right on the home page. I am still waiting to be reimbursed for the returned product and am not holding my breath. Other minor annoyances include having to reset my password EVERY single time I log in, and that the sending a message via the contact page is super glitchy.

I will admit that the product is good. I just do not like automatic shipments, so only gave it a shot as a reduced price offer. I've trialed many products this way and have never encountered such troubles with canceling. I cannot stress strongly enough how BAD, BAD, BAD Proactiv is from the customer service standpoint! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

May 04, 2018

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