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Saving Smart is the same as Privacy Protection Plus and there are many others. Both "companies" charged $31.45 to my credit card. So far, I have only called Privacy Protection Plus to get my refund and as far as I know I will recieve a full refund within 3-5 business days. All I can do now is hold my breath and hope they come through with my refund. I am pretty sure they will though because of what I said to the "manager" "Jon" on the other end. Here's a tip for dealing with these scam companies. Tell them that you know all about their fraudulent company and if they don't refund all your money immediatley, you will be contacting the police. They may refuse at first and start reading the script in front of them about the membership terms and blah, blah, blah. Once again tell them you want a full refund or you will be calling the police and they will most likely oblige. Persistence and the continual mention of police is the key in getting your money back.
Just an addition to my comment above. I just called the number associated with Saving Smart and I talked to the same 2 people I talked too when I called Privacy Protection Plus. I was put through to the same "manager Jon" and once again told him to refund my money and he went through his same script and so on and so on. He agreed to refund my money and when I asked for a confirmation number he gave me the exact same number that he gave me 20 minutes ago through PPP. Needless to say I'm not really counting on my refunds in 3-5 business days, so I guess I really am going to have to call the police.
How are these websites still up and running and why isn't "Jon" in jail?
What do we have to do to shut them down?
It is pitiful that these people can't go out and get a real honest job and make their own money. Instead they have to scam innocent people out of their money.

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  • Nw
      28th of May, 2009
    Privacy Protection Plus - unauthorized transactions on my credit card
    privacy protection plus

    went online, found a link for a FREE credit report. clicked on it. authorized for a $1 charge. got my credit card bill in the mail today and i now have the $1 charge i DID agree to PLUS a $31 charge i DID NOT agree to or authorize in any way! and I NEVER got any credit report whatsoever!! BEWARE OF THESE SCAMMERS!!! They are NOT legit in any way!!

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  • Ya
      10th of Sep, 2009

    I just looked at my monthly statement and have a 2 dollar charge on my debit card for something I don`t remember agreeing to, I am new to this and would like know what to do about it.

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  • Ya
      10th of Sep, 2009

    Someone tell me something!

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  • Bi
      7th of Oct, 2009
    Privacy Protection Plus - Credit Card Billing
    Privacy Protection Plus
    British Columbia

    I used a 'free credit report' website to request a credit report. I did not receive the credit report. But a monthly membership charge $30 is showing up on my credit card along with numerous instances of some kind of transaction ($1.50 each) charge.

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  • Ll
      28th of Oct, 2009

    please cancel for video professor trial cust#E3545875. GOING IN HOST FOR OPER. PLEASE CANCEL ORDER NO. IE6407204-5507695

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  • Fr
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    Privacy Protection Plus - Unauthorized billing on C/Card
    Privacy Protection plus
    Phone: 1 888 999 0535

    Somehow this company starting charging my Credit Union M/Card...I starting noticing this charge and wondered what the heck that was...I was informed by the M/Card what it was...this ha been 7 or 8 mths and can't get that removed and I am not paying for it either. M/Card now sends me OUTSTANDING NOTICES...good luck...that Privacy Protection Plus...can't get anyone on the phone either...

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  • Ch
      16th of Dec, 2010
    Privacy Protection Plus - Wrongful Signup
    Privacy Protection Plus

    This website is very deceiving in that it promises a free report on your credit standing, when in effect if you complete the form, you are signing up for continuous reporting capability at a cost of 29.xx dollars per month,
    unless you physically cancel within 7 days.
    It is a neatly laid trap, and I as well as many others fell into it. You need to call them and cancel, in order to stop the charges

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  • Hy
      31st of Jan, 2011
    Privacy Protection Plus - Unauthorized deduction from my credit card
    British Columbia

    They deducted $29 on my credit card last Jan 17, 2011, without my knowledge and approval. I am not aware of this 100%. I got a mail from them that I am a member since Jan 25, 2011. Holy cow!! They should not deducted any amount on my account prior to my membership on the first place! and without my written approval .

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  • Cr
      9th of Mar, 2011

    I just found this same company billing my credit card $29.95 for 2 months dec/jan 2011...I called them using this number 1-866-444-1837, spoke with a guy who told me he just cancelled the membership and I am being refunded my 2 payments within the next 5 days. I didnt creat any atmosphere over the phone, I kept my cool, being nice...lets see if this pays off. The phone number above is a toll free #. Good luck! Lets get these freaken scanners!!!

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  • Jv
      4th of Apr, 2011

    When you go on line to get a FREE credit report you are automatically going to be signed up for Privacy Protection Plus and it is going to happen even if you indicate NO Thanks in the appropriate box on The Trans Union Form. Yes you can call and cancel but why should you have to when you have already indicated NO THANKS. I believe this should not be allowed.

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  • Mu
      22nd of Feb, 2012
    Privacy Protection Plus - $10.00 cashback promotion with travelocity

    Privacy Protection Plus states that if you try their "30 day trail membership" you will receive a promotional $10.00 cashback with your travelocity reservation (I rented a car) and you must click the link but they have absolutely no such link. Do not fall for this scam.

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