Pringlestaste bitter and white stains

Pringles is my favorite potato chips, well it used to be... thats because its not the best potato chips anymore.
in the past couple of months, i have bought 6-7 Pringles cans (the original), from difference stores here in Jordan, the problem is that the potato chip's color isnt completely yellow (as it should be), it has white stains and it looks pale, a smell of oil (probably old oil), and it tastes bitter, after a couple of potato chips my mouth becomes oily and bitter, after the first Pringles can i bought another one from a different store, same problem, and then i bought another a while after from another store, same problem as well.

i dont know if i'm gonna buy Pringles again after this bad experience, you used to be the best potato chips company, but unfortunately not anymore,


Dec 19, 2014

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