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Primus Canada / poor internet connectivity

1 Canada

Primus’ affordable price and unlimited internet usage may be appealing, but poor internet connectivity is a deal breaker.

I was originally subscribed with Rogers’ Internet, Cable and Home Phone. I decided to cut the cable and rely on Netflix and free OTA broadcasts. Primus’ unlimited internet usage and VOIP telephone appear to fit my needs. Enrollment through Costco was quick and installation with a Bell technician went smoothly. I subscribed to Internet 60 and Basic Digital Home Phone Bundle. The initial 2 week period was great. No issues with streaming Netflix. VOIP quality was clear. Then the issues began. The phone stopped working. Cannot make or receive calls as there was no dial tone. Resetting the modem resolved this issue. Furthermore, internet connectivity was frequently poor in the evenings after 10pm. Forget about streaming Netflix or YouTube, surfing the web was slow. I suspected Primus was throttling my bandwidth allowance in the evenings when public usage levels were high. As a result of poor internet connectivity, my VOIP was regularly dropped. I was forced to reset the modem every few days to restore phone service. Several calls to tech support revealed no resolution, although they were friendly. Primus did acknowledge my documented poor connectivity instances, but denied throttling. Instead, I was told the source of my problem could be from my router, my laptop, my phone lines etc or even the absurd possibility of my neighbor’s equipment emitting EMI. My network equipment setup did not pose a problem with Rogers’ internet. The only change in my setup was Primus. I recently went away on vacation for 2 weeks and surprisingly my phone worked for the whole duration and continued for another 2 weeks after I returned. But now, the grace period is over and I’ve resumed resetting the modem every few days.

After 5 months of tolerating Primus, I realize that it won’t get better. I’m reluctantly returning to Rogers’ internet where I’ll be paying more, but it will be reliable.

As a parting gift to Primus, I will give them $200 (cancellation fee) for terminating my 2 year contract. This useful information is hidden within the “Terms & Conditions” link found on the web page where you select either 1 year or 2 year term to order.

I’ve tried to be objective in writing my review. You can decide whether or not to give them your business. Buyer Beware.

Aug 15, 2015

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