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I was involved with Primerica for about 1 1/2 yrs. and went no where. Yes, it does take a lot of committment but to go and recruit people just for the sake of getting promotions is not right. You're told by RVPs you are the next up and coming RVP and going to make a boatload of $$! When I joined I was told by my RVP if I were to go full time I was to get not only my life license but my securities as well. This past fall put the final chapter in my Primerica episode as I went to a heirarchy event. My RVP was with one of his uplines spouse and completely shunned me from introducing me to her. But he made sure to introduce her to 3 of his newly appointed recruits (ages 19, 21 and 23!!) whom at the time weren't even licensed but were full time staff!! So much for his strict rules for full time agents!! They're all full of hot air, so if you don't want to become someones mule, don't do it!

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  • Te
      23rd of Mar, 2010

    you got some major problems. your supposed to be independent thats the whole idea. the problem with all of this is that you should of been introducing your recruits to people. There in lies the problem.

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  • Je
      29th of Mar, 2010

    A Primerica rep tried recruiting me one time. He explained you will get rich by hiring people under you, but to me this is no good. This is mean when you first join you will be making others rich first, not yourself. So after this I just told him I'm no interest, but he won't stop calling me.

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  • Li
      13th of Apr, 2010

    Haha, ever think the reason you didn't make it was because you are a loser? That ever crossed your mind? Or maybe you are successful in EVERY other area of your life and Primerica was the odd instance. Get real, you didn't work and your RVP didn't introduce you because there was no reason to introduce you - you didn't do ###, why would he? Quit crying and look in the mirror. Every failure in your life is 100% YOUR FAULT! Quit blaming other people!

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  • Jh
      2nd of Jun, 2010

    It seems as though the current economy has inspired many underhanded tactics in recruitment. I have just filed for unemployment and was contacted by a Primerica RVP today to interview. He would not disclose where he obtained my contact information, stating only that I was "referred" to him. I began to research this group and surely enough, there are a high number of complaints similar to this one. Thank you for taking the time to post, this group must be struggling for new blood (and therefore money for the RVPs) and is now turning to those in desperate need of work, obviously hoping that this desperation will lead them to join on.

    I know that I can not afford to pay in excess of 150 dollars to start working for a company in which my hard work lines the pockets of my supervisor, and not myself, until I climb that oily ladder of compromised moral values.

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  • Tr
      9th of Aug, 2010

    I absolutely rescent this company, I started a blog to help spread the word about them please post your complaints there

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  • Da
      30th of Nov, 2010

    AWWW hell no! Primerica is the truth, you ppl need to get the real scoop on this and stop listening to all this propaganda yo

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  • Mg
      1st of Feb, 2011

    I am sorry you had a bad experience. Your RVP did not necessarily treat you as a valueable person and no matter how much you desire to do in the business we are all equal in team. Thats the model Primerica believes in. In any company their are people that represent what the mission of the company is and then there are people who destroy its name. Be careful to label and hate a company because one person was horrible to you and your experience. Primerica is a company that allows you to work in the business for 107.00. It trains you in a course that in college, or other companies can cost up to 1400.00. There are no quotas to fill and you can work flexible hours and at your own pace. Your RVP is supposed to help you to obtain the training and support you along the way, so that you can build your business. They are legally not supposed to cold call and cannot obtain personal information from a comprimising source. This is company policy. Instead of abusing the company who has strict moral values and works to do what is best for the consumer, consult the source of your complaint. Some agents may not work by that code of conduct and Primerica needs to know they are out there ruining its name. Yes I work with Primerica. I have not ever been told by my RVP that its about money and me. If you work hard money is a bi product sure, but we in our office will do what is best for the client. If that means free education with out a sale who cares. I want to see people learn about financial responsibility not sell them a product they may not need. I don't bash the competition etc. SO please just know our company stands for good, but it will always attract money greedy bad apples. We want to weed that junk out!!! I have met the head office people. They dont preach about money making they preach about financial freedom and stability in families they help. Primerica is not a get rich company. Thanks for hearing me out.

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  • Sa
      18th of Feb, 2011

    hey mg, how many times are you gonna post on this site and say "I am sorry you had a bad experience"

    "Be careful to label and hate a company because one person was horrible to you and your experience."
    Yes, make sure you label and hate this company, I agree.

    "If you work hard money is a bi product sure, but we in our office will do what is best for the client"
    Bi product has a hyphen, genius. By the way if its about whats best for the customer, why not refer them to a better company?

    I can not believe how many grammar, spelling and syntax errors you have in all your posts. You are truly a Primerican, keep drinking the kool-aid! :)

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