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Beware of Filipino Vacation Package Shill/Scam Alert!

Premier Cancun Vacations (Facebook page and Google for reviews)
Ave Tulum #200 Loc 101 SM 4 Suite 218
Cancun Quintana Roo Mexico 77500

Telemarketing Numbers Used:
[protected], [protected] and [protected] (Google for reviews)

Staff of hundreds:
Manager/Supervisor - Bianca Mendez (Google her)
Vacation Planner - Belinda Ocampo (Belle) (

The Shill/Scam:
A beautiful Filipina/Filipino targeting the Filipino community will befriend you on facebook based on your status and mutual friends (marketing objective) and try to sell you discounted travel packages. Once befriended on FB, you will notice they are online most of the day/night, they’ll start to show interest on your posts, initiate flirty conversation through messenger and eventually call you from the above numbers. The call will come from a loud call center/boiler room with other filipino’s talking in the background. These call centers could be located anywhere (Philippines, Mexico, USA).

When the vacation planner feels comfortable with you, they’ll start to tell a story, ask you to visit them in Cancun and depending on the situation, ask you to pretend to be either their boy/girlfriend or relatives so you can qualify for their discounted packages. If you agree, they’ll pass you to their supervisor where he/she will employ high pressure sales tactics, deception, guilt tripping and mind games and even ridiculing you about your finances in order to get you to sign up by using your credit card information. They'll claim that you need to pay right away during the phone conversation or you'll never get your "VIP Special Pricing" ever again.

Although the packages are legit, the company has been conducting business in an unethical way for years now. You’ll find more and more hidden charges and fees as you move along with your package(s). If they don’t get you as a client, giving the silent treatment is manipulative, passive aggressive abuse of another person. They become immature people and use this as emotional blackmail. This is why you’ll notice they deactivate their accounts after a certain period of time and start a new one since they do not like to deal with conflict. The kind of people who use this regardless of their race are attention seekers.. simply annoying and not to be tolerated and trusted even though they use the Lord’s name in vain.

There are hundreds of these Filipino/Filipina fraudulent scammers and liars preying on their own kind who will change their name, identities and FB pages on a regular; and for what, to meet their Quota for the month?! We work too hard to be here, these people are taking advantage of us and they need to be exposed.

Please share and Mabuhay!

The Vacation Package:
US$898 Vacation Package 7 Days / 6 Nights All Inclusive (worth $3400 retail rate)

Accommodation 1:
Laguna Suites Golf and Spa - 3 star resort, away from the beach, not kid friendly and potential timeshare presentation

Accommodation 2:
Ocean Spa Hotel - 3 star resort, small beach, far from downtown and popular beaches and potential timeshare presentation

Airport to Hotel is free, but from the Hotel to the Airport, the cost is on you.

Bonus Gifts:
• 5 days / 4 nights in Central Orlando, Florida (South Lake Buenavista / Radisson World Gate)
• 4 days / 3 nights in Bahamas Cruise (Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise)
• Cost per head, Hidden and Activation fees, Flights and tours not included

• Good for 2 adults and 2 kids (read the fine print for these conditions, you could end up paying for two rooms)
• Free hotel transfer
• Free transportation
• Unlimited access to use the facilities and the amenities of all the 4 resorts (Sunset Royal, Sunset Marina, Laguna Suites Golf & Spa, Ocean Spa Hotel)
• Free use of all non-motorized water sports activities (e.g kayak, boat, canoe)
• Unlimited in food and beverages
• 100% Transferable - Hidden cost involved
• 100% Extendable - Some dates are not available, to extend will be another feeds

All Inclusive Benefits:
• A la carte breakfast and dinner
• Restaurant (Nicte-Ha) 7 a.m to 11 p.m
• Open bar from 7 a.m to 11 p.m
• Free shuttle to the beach
• Air Conditioning
• Handicap facilities
• Daily housekeeping
• Safety Boxes in rooms
• Cable TV
• Swimming Pool
• Spa & Golf discounts

Premier Cancun Vacations

Mar 08, 2017
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  • Cu
      Mar 21, 2017

    This woman caught her boyfriend exchanging messages with Belinda Belle Ocampo. Supposedly she does this with all her 'male' clients and when you don't purchase a discounted package, she plays the victim and will manipulate you until you feel bad for them. If you have been a victim or have a similar story, please share so we can expose these so called vacation planners, vacation specialist, office workers, tour guides or whatever their titles are. Also they will tell you they live in Cancun, Mexico and in their FB profile they will have pictures of beaches and beautiful selfies of themselves, but are they really in Cancun or in some sweatshop in the Philippines?

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  • Ch
      Sep 20, 2017

    It is really disappointing that my fellow country man could do this. Even me and my other friends got scammed too. First, they will talk to you in sweet manners, then they will send you a very charming pic of her or him til you will fall inlove with them. They use their charm to get sales. Then after you will get a package, they will start making a drama like I am sick, I am in the hospital, my mom is the in hospital I need money, what will happen after you will send money to them. They are [censor] good actors! They do even use name of god! They are good in manipulating mind of other people. Although the package is legit, they deceit you on the first place. They said that you will get 75% off. From 3400usd to 898usd!! They are very good looking man. But we found out that they are just hire model to let them use their pics.! We don't know who are really behind those pics, who are we really chatting with on fb! Because they are not real people! They are poser!

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  • Fa
      Oct 28, 2017

    The same as what happened to me somebody who said he is a traveller.keep flirting, sing a song to me.Then in the middle of the night he said that he have 80% benefits discount in the hotel .He sent me the ID.Name Dean Teid(Dingding Lipad)fb name.Then I told him I'm so sleepy already but he told me
    I need to talk to the manager and I talk to the Margo Flora she said she is the manager of the hotel then she ask even the pasalubong blahblah blah.Then she ask my personal info my card number.Then last step is the verification that I noticed he is an Indian guy but because I'm very sleepy I want it to be done and that DINGDING LIPad keep messanging me on Facebook don't sleep that .You guys wait I knew you are working in the call center in the Philippines.

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  • Mo
      Oct 28, 2017

    Bianca mendez is not her real name and ahe is not what you are think she is.. Shes just using biancas photos. Her real name is stephanie isip under facebook account tifanny isip

    +2 Votes
  • Ja
      Mar 26, 2018

    @momshie Thank you for this info.. i was tricked and misled with this biatch... after she got all my cc info she disappeared and left you hanging when i tried to cancel.

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  • Ur
      Aug 08, 2018

    I almost just fell victim to this, but thankfully as the girl was making me wait as she called her manager, I came upon this on a google search. But the above descriptions were spot on! A random girl starts talking to me on Facebook, then all of a sudden wants to call me on my phone. She said she had to use a landline for some reason. Then as described, on her end of the call there is a lot of background activity going on. She said she works in Hacienda Tres Rios Hotel in Cancun and then continued a very suggestively romantic and flirty conversation. She even had me sing to her and she sang back. I was really falling for it! Then she drops the, "I have an 80% employee discount, let me speak to my manager about your potential future visit." I thought that was fishy. I told her I found out that this is a scam and she hung up. This page really helped me out so I shared my experience as well. Be careful out there folks.

    +3 Votes
  • Fi
      Mar 23, 2019

    This just happened to me, her name is Bea (not sure if real) met her in one of those dating sites. Same story, she told her manager that I am her boyfriend for 2 years so I can get a discount at Hacienda Tres. She pretended to be my girlfriend for 2 years so I can get a discount from the hotel and then Bea transferred me to a manager named Vanessa (in cahoots) tried to pressured me plus saying hurtful things in order to make a sale. Apparently, to get a great price for a week reservation she wanted me to book and charge my credit card asap. They are Filipinas playing with your emotions by lies and deceit to other Filipinos. Hopefully it stops now. Same story as above that happened today 3/23/2019

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  • An
      Apr 16, 2019

    Sadly this happened to me as well as they have have posted above. Not sure if its her real name as well but she claimed she was vennice regala. Met her through dating site with platinum account to entice potential targets that the person is legit and not just someone who isn't capable in surviving on her own. The person will chat you up until she gets your number and call you through a spam call number. She then slowly get you to become her "bf" then start talking about her working in cancun for hacienda tres rios selling a huge discounted vacation package like what stated by others. Their modus doesn't stop there it continues with her getting sick and asking for financial help but using the same "go cancun" account to get the money. Like they used to get you to buy the vacation package. They claim they'll get you to their manager, Vanessa angela martinez to get authorization to get the heavily discounted package. They make multiple accounts of several good looking filipina claiming their friends as well but probably same person. They will even try to get you to refer for the vacation package preferrably another male friend who they can groom for the same reason. I don't know how many victims they already fooled but the way they run their modus it seems like they've been doing it for a while now. These are the pics theyve been using to lure men.

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  • Je
      Sep 07, 2019

    A guy from fb just added me super scam ! His pictures looked amazing so did he. Looked like a model and everything ! He wanted to be my bf and everything sweet talking and then here goes his benefit ! And made me talk to his manager Vanessa Angela Martinez. Talked about the deal blah blah blah. I told them I didn’t have the money ! This is his photo !

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