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Premier Cancun Vacations / misleading information on bonuses/extras offered within the package

1 Plaza La Hacienda, Blvd Kukulkan 25Cancun, Mexico Review updated:
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The claim is about Misleading Information on Bonuses/Extras offered within the Package where the main product is 5 days in Cancun resort with obligatory Time share presentation.
When promoting on the phone, they said that all the Bonuses/Extras were Included in the package price (and even didn’t mentioning other fees). Next, in the written Purchase Confirmation (after having charged us), they mentioned “other fees may apply”. When we receiving the Certificates (after Time Share presentation), it appeared that Dream Week Vacation was just offered with discounts.
We think it’s Misleading to promote something as “included” while it’s just offered with discount.
We sent a letter to support of Premier Cancun Vacations regarding this issue but they answered that it was their partners’ responsibility and they are not responsible for any Bonuses/Extras no matter it was Premier Cancun Vacations who sold this offer (and charged us). We consider the way Premier Cancun Vacations sells its Packages fraudulent

Feb 25, 2016
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  • Ai
      26th of Feb, 2016
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    Hola Olga, I am the manager for Customer Service, the bonus destinations that are given to our clients have a value of 1, 000usd however the only payment you make is the fee of tax which can go between 249usd to 349usd depending how many people are traveling with you, that's why on the purchase letter under bonus destinations does mention "additional terms, conditions and fees may be applicable"

    I am sorry you feel this way please give me call so we can talk a little more about your bonus destinations

    Toll free: 1800-961-8354
    Aisha Flores

  • Gu
      30th of Jan, 2017
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    RE: We think it’s Misleading to promote something as “included” while it’s just offered with discount.

    We would stated it a little stronger and say it was and is very misleading what this company did and continues to do. The same thing happened with us. We were sold a package that "included" four (4) vacations. However, we were not disclosed on the prices of at least two of them. On the purchase letter (sales receipt) they did make it clear that we would have to pay taxes on the Orlando package and also that there would be a booking fee for Cancun but the disclosures ended there. (This may also have been mentioned on the initial phone call selling this package but no charges were mentioned for Costa Rica and the Dream Vacation) In addition, they stated we can take 4 persons to Orlando but did not disclose that the other 2 can only be kids not another couple. The clear impression given was that when we paid the $698 we got not one vacation (Cancun) but 4! However, in reality, from the start the $700 only included Cancun. (Actually $778 with booking fee) The "Bonuses" (or Extras) are offers/flyers that come from what appears to be other companies and which could be given to anyone walking down the street to promote their company. These "bonuses" are not included but you are only given a flyer and you must then pay the fees, taxes, etc. Since it appears to be a separate company (of course this could all be part of their dishonesty too since it could very well be the same company wearing a different shirt) that is why you have to wait 6 months (want to make sure you haven't recently been given a time share presentation). When you call, email, or otherwise complain on all this, they will point out number 16 on the sales record that says: "(additional terms, conditions and fees may be applicable)." The problem? First, you get this information after your purchase not before. Second, the phrase says "may" and they clearly know it is "WILL" and they also know how much it is, but do not tell you the cost. Third, they clearly disclose the fees for Orlando which says, "responsibilities are hotel taxes due at the time of checkout", but nothing is said about any of the other trips thus leaving you to believe that any "additional terms" will be minor if at all. Even the $200 credit for Orlando, when asked how do we get that they make it clear that Premium Cancun has nothing to do with the other company and what they give you, so you have to take that up with them and ask that company about it. Here is the phone number: 1-800-401-5312 to an Orlando Vacation of 5 days and 4 nights. (I am confident that if you call you can get the exact same thing whether you have a advertisement/flyer or not)

    So what is the bottom line? The included one week vacation will cost at least $299-399 depending on the size of the place. The included Costa Rica vacation will cost $299 to just reserve your trip. (what other fees will there be? Also how much are the hotel taxes in the included Orlando trip? Can't imagine it being under $100. So for a $700 vacation package that "includes" four trips will actually cost you at least double and no doubt more! How in the world is that included? When you have to pay well over $600 more to get your included vacations?

    If they were dishonest with you as they have been with me then perhaps you should dispute the charge with the credit card company. Hopefully they will change their ways or will be forced to when enough banks block them. It is a shame they are so specific on some many things on their detail 4 page sales receipt but only have a vague expression that there "maybe additional" charges. These additional charges double the cost and must be disclosed!

    PS I see some feel the whole company is a scam. (Including the sunset group, Cancun travel unlimited, PROMOTORA SUNSET BEACH CLUBS ) This is not the case. Many of these complaints are not fair and act as if they take your money and do not provide. The hotel was excellent, The pickup from the airport was smooth and the trip was excellent. Therefore, It is a legitimate company that will provide you a hotel, food, etc. however, they were are very misleading on the sale of the package and definitely use shady business practices to sell this trip.
    If you paid, don't worry you will get your vacation but you will also be charged more than you thought.


  • Ge
      3rd of Feb, 2017
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    Report them!

    Federal Trade Commission

  • De
      15th of May, 2017
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    It is always best to hire someone skilled to do so, unfortunately in most cases these companies dedicated to cancel timeshares usually cheat for the second time to their customers since they are vulnerable and desperate. If you are thinking of hiring them you just have to make sure you do not have to make any payment upfront.
    I found this article that speak precisely about this, you should read it, that might help you to resolve many doubts:

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