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I was cold called the morning of 5-12-17 while caring for my 5 year old son and 3 month old niece. Of course the vacation offer sounded like a great deal. ( I'm having a melt down here kids are stressing me out lol. Visualizing myself on a beach sounds great). So I accepted the offer. I spoke to my fiancé. And we'll he was furious with me. I am a stay at home Mom who just maxed out her credit card on this $1298 you can see why I am in trouble. I called the customer service number back within 10-20 minutes of the offer trying to cancel. I was told I was not able to cancel. The Trip was nonrefundable. However she did say she would call me back in 10 minutes. 2 hours later no call. So I called back a 2nd time and that person hung up on me after trying to transfer. Called again and waited awhile for some someone to answer.I'd get a couple thank you for calling premier Cancun vacations hold please. Spoke to someone again told them my issue was placed on hold for a long period. Then call was dropped. Called back AGAIN. Anyway you get the idea. This was frustrating. Went around and around with another lady she agreed to cancel my package. But wants me to pay a 25% penalty. In order to receive the refund I must. Sign a a form and along with a copy of my drivers license. Which I find as odd considering my ID was not required for such a large purchase. All they wanted was a rushed answer and a credit card. This company preys on people's impulse To buy. You have to answer while on the call or offer will no longer exists. They know what they are doing and it is wrong. If this is such a great deal then. Then why can I not cancel. Give this offer to someone who actually wants it. This is wrong. All I want is to cancel and be refunded in full . 659253002I can understand a penalty if I waited more than 24 hours. But I called back literally 10-20 minutes later. Note to self and everyone out there. If someone ever calls with a offer you have to accept right away. Don't do it. Chances are your making a mistake. It's a scam some way or another.
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May 18, 2017
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