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1 IL, United States
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I'm dealing with these ### as we speak, luckly my bank when I use my Debit card puts a pre-authorized hold on these transactions, so i was able to realize whats going on. I just got off the phone with the bank and have canceled my card so these crooks cant steal anymore of my money even before I can talk to them. So far they have debited my account for $8.00+$39.80+$39.80=$87.60 for 4 posters what a joke. Now I have to wait till 10am to call these people and cancel my account, but atleast I have the piece of mind that they wont be able to bleed my account any further and I will dispute the charges with my bank once they post. Wonder if anyone has ever tried to email this Although it is probably a fake email or doesn't except emails from outside people because this guys email would be blowing up. Hey Regor1234 im also from Florida, if you need anyone else from Florida to give the Gov Crist any more documintation don't hesitate than ask. These crooks need to be stopped and I will never ever buy anything else online from survey sites or publishers clearing house. Come on John put your same canned email on my post like you do all them. Not once have you actully tried to explain your companys practices with the people complaining about your company.

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