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This company ( uses facebook application games through their earn free coins by completing offers. The offer is to purchase 4 posters for $2 each plus you get a free mug with it. I thought it would be fun for the kids to choose a poster, on 8/2 I authorized $8 to come out of my account. I received the posters on the 7th. I was going to go cancel so no further charges occured but I couldn't log on to my account. I found that very odd. I searched my email for the invoice they were supposed to send and never did. So the only other way I could find them was to look up my bank account and I found I was too late. All three transactions appeared on my account tonight. On 8/7 $39.90 plus some $0.80 fee for who knows what. The same charges appeared for 8/9 and again today 8/11. After seeing hundreds of people taken by this company why can't we sue the pants off of them and throw them in jail? Even if we can't recover our money it would be worth it to me to have them in prison! Here is what the customer service idiot jeff has to say about it: (keep in mind he knows this is going on because everyone he comes in contact with has the same complaint!)

I am very sorry for any troubles you may have had with our company, poster pass. Be assured that at poster pass our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Please call to speak to a customer service representative at [protected] so that we may swiftly rectify this situation. By providing us with some basic information, such as your name and zip code, we can look up your account to clear up any problems. If you are unsatisfied in any way, we will reasonably provide refunds, return shipping information and anything else that will make your experience with our company more satisfactory. For further clarification, please see our details and terms at

Jeff berman
Direct of customer service

Phone: [protected]
(10am - 6pm eastern time monday through friday)

Mailing address:
990 grove st., ste. 204
Evanston, il 60201

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  • La
      Nov 10, 2009

    I agree. I responded to a 4 posters for $2 and in a month I have (8) Eight $79.00 charges on my credit card from PosterPass. I have received no response from any number I call nor an email I sent to Mr. Berman.

    In essence, I paid $79 a poster at this point, since they keep sending me posters, two to a box and based on the charges that's what it comes to.

    Avoid this company at all cost!!!

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  • Bu
      Nov 12, 2009

    They've done it again, I'm the next fool to think I could get a good deal.

    Here's the deal. $5 for 5 poseters. Cool, I'm going to decorate my kids room with some nature/amimal pictures. Bought decent frames w/ plastic to make a presents for my kids $20ea.

    Well $5 for 5, meant $5ea.
    With lifetime membership to just send posters and charge $37.80/4

    Then you get mad, cancel the membership, & wounder what your going to do with these posters.

    Cool, no more sucking on my account with out warning and no more posters arriving at my door.

    Just today, online banking and what do I see? *ucking me!
    I want to fine the CEO and put [email protected]#$% in jail!!!

    How can we stop this???

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  • Do
      Nov 16, 2009

    If you are still having trouble with them contact this person:

    Brian Dale

    I got a $79 charge 1 1/2 years after I canceled my account. It took me some time trying to get in contact with these people, but Brian Dale says he is the "president" of the company and he told me I will have a refund within 72 hours. I have yet to see if that is true.

    Good luck!

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  • Wi
      Jan 09, 2010


    posterpass charged my card $79.00 sent me some weird posters i never ordered overdrafted my account $70.00 wont return any calls i've made to them . i turned it to my bank they somehow were able to contact them and verify that they had my correct address and denied my claim. so now im stuck with $149.00 worth of charges what do i do. if i knew where these people were i would go there and kick some ###. anyone know the owners address or their name? if youve had this happen to you go to

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