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I signed up for an offer that was posted on FaceBook from a company called PosterPass. The offer was for 5 posters for $5 with free shipping. When I placed the order, I did not recieve an email confirmation or any kind of terms of service agreement. I received the posters a few days later with no invoice. Two days later I received another package from PosterPass with 2 more posters in it that I did not order, again no invoice. I checked my credit card statement online and it showed a charge from PosterPass for $25. I called them and they said that the offer was 5 posters for $5 each...that is not what it said. They also told me that the second package was one of two additional shipments of 2 posters that would be charged to my card at $39.80 each! I told them that I did not want any of them, and they said I could return the posters and refuse the additional packages and when they received them back they would issue a credit. So, I returned the 2 boxes I had received and refused the next shipment and then disputed the charges with my credit card company. A week later when I viewed my credit card statement online, they had charged me the $25 initial charge and 3 charges for $39.80 all within one weeks time. When I went to their website, which I had never been to before since I took the offer off of Facebook, I read the minimal terms that are shown and it said something about the first shipment coming within 2 weeks of your order and additional shipments coming once a month after that. I called to see why they were still making charges to my card, and they said that the deal was that you order 5 posters for $25 and then you get 2 shipments PER WEEK at $39.80 apeice every week until you cancel!!! I wondered who in the hell would sign up to pay $80 per week for posters you can buy for less than $5 apiece almost anywhere else. When I pointed out to her that the website said subsequent shipments would come once a month, she had no response other than they had recieved my packages and I would be credited, but that I might not see the credits for up to 4 months! This company has thousands of complaints all over the internet and over a thousand complaints with the Better Business Bureau, but the BBB states that PosterPass had yet to reform their business practices. next step is to report them to Facebook so that hopefully they will remove their advertising from their site. How do companies like this stay in business after this many complaints???

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  • Jg
      15th of May, 2009
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    I haven't seen their ad on facebook, but if you go to their website, the advertisement says "5 poster for $5 Each". The terms also indicate that it is 5 for $5 each, and indicates that twice a month you will receive additional shipments.

    Maybe all the complaints are paying off.

    I found their terms to be reasonably clear, except in one spot they indicate a twice monthly shipment, and further down it says shipments may be "more or less than twice a month" (that needs to go - it opens the door to essentially saying they can send you what they want when they want).

    It also says refunds will occur in 10 days, not 4 months, so somebody is trying to put you off.

    From their terms:


    * Never miss an opportunity to save on your favorite posters with PosterPass.
    * 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Cancel at any time.
    * Your initial order will be shipped to you within 10 days of your ordering. Please wait at least two weeks from order placement to receive your initial order. Cancel anytime by calling 877-807-2929.
    * is proud to offer you the best prices on the highest quality posters from all over the world. We offer an enormous selection of posters in topics as broad as music, movies, art, humor, sports, photography and more. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.
    * Select your poster selections from over 300 styles. We are always adding new posters to our inventory. Check back regularly for the latest styles.
    * The total cost of your initial order of 5 posters will be $25.00. There is no additional charge for shipping.
    * Your initial order will be shipped to you within 10 days of your ordering. Please wait at least 2 weeks from placing your order to receive the initial shipment. Cancel anytime by calling us at 877-807-2929.
    * Twice each month, you will receive 2 shipments of posters. Feel free to log into the site and modify your selections at any time to choose which posters you will receive. You can choose exactly which posters you would like to receive each shipment as part of your membership, or you can take advantage of the in-house poster experts at They can choose your selections for you based on similar topics from your past shipments. For example, if you ordered a Red Ferrari poster in your first shipment, we will follow it up with another exotic automobile poster, like a yellow Lamborghini. A classic Picasso painting will be followed by a Claude Monet Impressionist painting.
    * You control what you get once you receive it too. We will issue an instant refund if the poster you received is one you would prefer to not get or you change your mind. We are happy to refund partial orders too if just one or two of the posters are less interesting to you as long as they are unopened.
    * Semimonthly Program: Twice a month, you will receive a package with 2 posters and will be billed $13.95 per poster, plus $5.95 per poster for shipping and handling. Your total per shipment will be $39.80.
    * Semimonthly shipments are an estimate. They may be more or less frequent.
    * At this time we only ship to U.S. addresses
    * If you have any customer service issues, please call us at 877-807-2929 anytime from 10am - 6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.
    * If you are not satisfied with any particular item you are sent, simply send it back for a refund, no questions asked.

    990 Grove St., Ste. 204
    Evanston, IL 60201

    After we receive your returned items, your credit will be issued within 10 days. Based on the credit card used, it may require 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement.[/quote]

    Their website and ad:

  • Ph
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    Got scammed by

    call your bank and complain. They will interfere on your behalf and dispute the charges. They will credit you the money(s) in dispute and go after for compensation.
    You are not alone. Complain as much and as often as you can with this company. Eventually, it will pay off for the next consumer.

    Let's put out of business.

  • Ca
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    I'm dealing with these ### as we speak, luckly my bank when I use my Debit card puts a pre-authorized hold on these transactions, so i was able to realize whats going on. I just got off the phone with the bank and have canceled my card so these crooks cant steal anymore of my money even before I can talk to them. So far they have debited my account for $8.00+$39.80+$39.80=$87.60 for 4 posters what a joke. Now I have to wait till 10am to call these people and cancel my account, but atleast I have the piece of mind that they wont be able to bleed my account any further and I will dispute the charges with my bank once they post. Wonder if anyone has ever tried to email this Although it is probably a fake email or doesn't except emails from outside people because this guys email would be blowing up. Hey Regor1234 im also from Florida, if you need anyone else from Florida to give the Gov Crist any more documintation don't hesitate than ask. These crooks need to be stopped and I will never ever buy anything else online from survey sites or publishers clearing house.

  • Ph
      30th of Jan, 2010
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    Its no doubt, this company is as fraudulent as the governing body that allows it to continue doing business. This has got to be the most heinous company out there today, with business practices so underhanded and fraudulent, i'm surprised they still exist. Take everyone for what you can as fast as you can is their practice. Ever heard of bankrape? Ever felt it? To know that someone without permission or at least underhandedly subtracted hard earned monies from your account in such a quick fashion, that by the time you knew what happened you were short a couple of hundred dollars. $40.oo for two poster at a rate of one package every two days, you can't even send them back that fast.
    It's a scam. A trick. A sin. A travesty. It is whatever you want to call it and should be stopped and somebody from this company should be slapped with jail time.
    Crooks! Crooks! Crooks! Shame on them and if the owner or his family should suddenly experience any type of hardship or tragedy i hope he knows EXACTLY why it is happening. Payback. Karma.
    'nuff said.

    what good are negative reviews if their is no governing body to mediate and help resolve the problem. How many complaints does it take to penalize a company for theft (legal or not).

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