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Kementerian Dalam Negeri or KDN Malaysia does not have responsible or intelligent personnels. They misuse their power and do not work ethically. Now, when a parcel is being shipped into Malaysia, they have rights to inspect parcels in addition to the Customs Department. Recently, a parcel that is being delivered to me contained 'damaged items'. A movie Dvd has been opened and disc has been damaged and became unplayable on the Dvd Player. It has never happened for many of my parcels before although they have been inspected by Customs officers. Shipments of Cd's and Dvd's have been inspected and usually cleared and the items have not been opened and is still in their plastic shrinkwraps/wrapping. The items were not and never have been illegal titled music or movies (such as porn movies etc.). The parcel shipments before were usually inspected and stamped by the Customs Dept. and the items have never been has opened or damaged and received in good condition although the parcel has been opened. But a recent parcel shipment was inspected and stamped by the KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) Malaysia and the parcel was not just opened but a Dvd item was opened from it's wrapping and the disc was damaged. This situation is very irresponsible and unethical by the government personnels. They have caused such a loss and disappointment to the consumer.
KDN Malaysia should not damage items that the public purchases through the internet. People pay a lot of money for items that Malaysia does not have and the consumers have affection and value towards these product items. These stupid and irresponsible government personnels should respect the citizens rights and respect their belongings. Do not treat belongings that is not yours as trash and mishandle them and cause damages which will render them useless. It is doubted very much that a compensation will be given due to that in many situations experienced by other consumers that complaints will be ignored as like other Malaysian govt. departments.
This is a disgrace to Malaysia and no wonder Malaysia has a bad image among many other civilized modern countries. Malaysia is not accepted as a preferred destination for mail/internet order shipments by many established companies due to the terrible attitude of the government personnels.
Situations such as unreceived parcels and damaged parcels and items are quite commonly known among many people and companies throughout the world and it is a shame to Malaysia. Malaysia will never be respected and be among other well and highly developed countries if Malaysia practices many unethical and primitive behavior. Yes, high officials and politicians will say that Malaysia is not like USA, UK or Japan in comparison (in regards to morals, values, disciplines and culture) but the truth in the matter and what is actually meant is that Malaysia is worse and terrible to be compared among the countries aforementioned. Yet, Malaysian officials have the nerve to claim using the media and propagate that Malaysia is highly developed and has a high vision for modernization. This is a proof of hypocrisy and not being able to delver or stand up to what they publicize.
The public should be aware, speak up and rise against this abuse by a government system which suppresses the public consumers and citizens rights. These stupid and irresponsible government personnels are oppressing, causing monetary loss and demoralizing the public. How can we respect, follow or even reelect these officials or politicians that allows the public to be abused and disrespected.
KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) Malaysia is another example of a Malaysian inefficient government system that is a disgrace and a big disappointing service to the Malaysian public. If Malaysia is to modernize, respected and be among the highly developed nations, the government must change their corrupt and decadent ways.

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  • Sa
      Apr 28, 2016

    Hi, I'm really annoyed today as I received a mail from overseas is being opened. This is really bad. You must have consent fr the receiver before opening it. How to put our trust in the item we post out or receive from Post Malaysia again? What if there's important or expensive things inside the envelope? Who to blame if there's something lost?

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