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What a nightmare! We had to wait an hour past our appointment time to even get started with pictures. We then snapped a few, and had to wait another twenty minutes to move to a different room. 3hours and a hundred dollars later, I was given pictures that were yellow, not white. And told I had to come back in three days to get my pictures. I asked for them to be mailed, as I live thirty minutes from the studio, a request they denied. So now I have to waste another HOUR to fix their mistake!


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N  24th of Dec, 2009 by 
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Just got back from Portrait Innovations in Wayne, PA. While I was their the looney manager chick YELLED at me IN THE STUDIO and told me I could not have any promotional packages because she remembered me from a prior sitting months ago. I told her this was my first time to any Portrait Innovations location and that she must have me mistaken. I had only gone with my 1 month old daughter to get her Christmas photos done today.

I was choosing the pictures with the photographer when this crazy lady came up to me. She went on how she remembered my daughter from 2 months ago, and that she let me have a promotion package then...therefore I couldn't have another package like that. Hey, either she is really good at fortune-telling (my daughter was not even born yet), or telling newborn infants appart and remembering them over the weeks, months, years...then she should get a job with the FBI or Homeland Security, not as some lame power-bent pseudo-manager at a photo shop.

Had no clue about their promotional packages, or if you buy more sheets the price goes down, but you still pay $700 at the end of the session... Fine with me, WHATEVER, I'm there to get my daughter's photos one month pics/holiday shots done...besides, onless they do fetal photography...I don't see how I could have gone in to get my daughter's pictures done months prior.

Originally, I was going to buy one of those packages with 10*13's, 8*10's, etc...After choosing my pictures and paying, I decided "NO I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE THESE PEOPLE MY BUSINESS". I instead I'm onlygetting 3 pictures (still costing me $50) and left. If my daughter were not so cute, I would have just left and said F*&^% YOU, WITCH! My sister and brother-in-law ranted and raved about how great this place was for their family pictures, done earlier this month...but I would NOT go back, nor I would recommend to others to go.

What PISS POOR customer service. If she is so unhappy with her obese self and her lack of self care and drive to get herself educated, she should pull herself up and find a job better suited her ill manners.

Look inward at yourself lady, before you go off on others to make yourself feel better.
Expcially when you are working with the public!

A  28th of Feb, 2011 by 
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This was my very first time at portrait innovations in Jacksonville, FL and it was NOT a good one. They did an ok job taking the photos but when it came down to pickng which ones I wanted the experience was horrible. The lady went so fast through the pricelist, smerked at her co-worker when I told her that I wasn't looking to spend $200.00 on pictures at the time, and was just rude all the way around to me, my son, and husband. After she realized that I was only spending $40.00 the employees never once said "thank you for coming in, please come back", "It's was our pleasure", everyone was quiet and didn't say a word except when I went to pick up my pictures, as she had a mouth full of food she handed me my pics and said "here". I was so upset because this was my sons first birthday pics and it was suppose to be fun and special. So much for that and I WILL NOT go back.
N  29th of Sep, 2011 by 
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I just love it when you people moan and ### about how bad the service is in these bucket shop places.
You want a package of pictures for 9.95 or whatever and you seriously expect good service and great quality.
Grow up folks. If you want to buy cheap then you get crap. Simple as that.
If you want a proper service and good quality images of your little Johnny then go to proper photography studios not a bucket shop which
employs people with absolutely no experience in photography.

You get what you pay for folks. You are cheap, you will get cheap.
N  10th of Dec, 2012 by 
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Absolutely horrible customer service!! We had a 5:10 appointment. The place was packed and had very limited seating. They called my wife's name and we got up, only to be told that there is still another session ahead of us. WE LOST OUR SEATS!! Now, what makes me VERY mad, is that we planned our 11 mo old sons eating schedule around this appointment. We didn't even begin to start with the pictures until 5:50!!! He was fussy and tires, and we struggled to get him to smile. The place is like a "Used Car" lot, with the way they try to sell you. This place is a JOKE!!!

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