Popular Mechanics / did not renew gift subscription (paid in advance several years)

I continue receiving "unpaid account invoice" with $34. Amount due. This is not an unpaid balance, but is listed as such. Each renewal I have paid in advance. I chose not to renew so ignored repeated letters "don't let your friends' gift end... Or forfeit your special savings rate... Just because you waited too long to pay your bill."
Fine print at bottom of their letter states "your gift subscription(s) will continue to be sent to your designated recipient(s) until you ask us to stop." this was never stated when initially paid for a designated time. Obviously, I am stopping my gift subscription by not renewing! Furthermore, my personal subscription was not renewed, and those magazines did stop at my residence.

Resolution: popular mechanics is undertaking a scam and I want these letters and "unpaid account invoices" to stop. I have no idea if the unauthorized "gift" continues to be sent or not. If it was sent without my authority, they should not bill me for it.
My acct # is: [protected]

Dec 08, 2016

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