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I bought a lot of gold nuggets from them the last 4 days.received my first order today what I bid on was 0.17 gram gold nugget what I received was 0.02 all of them I checked came out the same way.don't know why these people are not in jail? I have 19 orders coming now I am trying to get my money back but I will let the attorney General for this disrict know about there fraud!

Mar 13, 2017
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  • Ro
      Mar 10, 2018

    Attracted by auction concept i bid and won few jewellery items after a bidding suspicious war.
    Wore un of rings i won for few weeks and the gold become tin, the so called diamonds
    were just pieces of glass
    Why are this delinquents still allowed to [censor] freely??

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  •   Jul 18, 2018

    @robber66 I've Bid on, and won 8 Auctions, so far. Every item I've won, I've taken to my 2 Jewellers, to see if they're worth more than what I Bid, on them. So far, the Items I've Bid on are worth 14 to 42 times more than what my Bid was. Hmmmmm, seems kinda funny that if the items I won were "Fake" then why are they worth 14 to 42 times more than my Bids? Example; Tanzanite Ring, I won for a $39.00 Bid, according to my 2 Jewellers, it's valued at between $1500.00 to $1625.00. So, if it was "Fake", both my Jewellers would have told me, but both of them said it was Real, and that it was valued at a price way higher than my Bid. I trust these 2 Jewellers, 'cause I've been doing Business with them for many years, and they've never steered me wrong.

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