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PoliceAuctions.com / selling fake diamond

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This company running a bussines under the name of the american gov and under the american police. They are selling fake Diamond or very low grad Diamond as a high grad. There phone number is fake and if I send an email to them ask or complain about anything they don't reply back. such a shame to show american to the world this bad. They do it in the open like they don't care about anything.

this one of the other web site they opp. under WorldWideInventory.com


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A  14th of Aug, 2009 by 
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After thoughts happen for a reason.
I thought I was using a police sight that I saw on TV about a week ago & proceeds go back to a national police fund.
Proceeding without hindsight, I saw the auction put in a few bids & also advanced to a payed sub.
When I began to see multiply idem.s & also a second response on a lost bid, I smelled a scam.
Called credit card/contacted pay pal etc. within hours & plan to proceed with action regarding Vortal Group, Inc., Misrepresentation of a National Police org.
N  17th of Nov, 2009 by 
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This is an official response from the company to clear up misinformation on smear blogs like this. Anyone who wants to verify our phone number as working simply needs to call it. The toll-free number is listed on the top right of the site. We don't sell fake diamonds or fake items. We sell over 10, 000 items per month and wouldn't last 5 minutes in business if the items weren't real. The person complaining about thinking we were affiliated with the government obviously ignored the notice at the bottom of every page. Bottom line is we don't misrepresent anything and these complaints are ridiculous.

If someone does have a problem with purchase or anything else regarding our site, we are very consumer friendly and easy to reach via the toll-free number. You can talk to a live human. We publish our auction notices and disclosures page, which fully explains what happens with a purchase should something go wrong, ie lost item, wrong description etc. Mistakes occasionally happen, as they do in any business, but when they do we stand behind the customer 100%. If you have questions, please call us, we are happy to help you.
D  8th of Sep, 2010 by 
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I must side with policeauctions.com. I'm currently a prospective purchaser looking for good auction resources and I came across the site policeauctions.com. As soon as I typed "policeauction.com review" into my search engine, a review from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) came right up. They've been operating since 2003 and they have an A+ rating... yes an A+ rating... you can check it for yourself at the BBB website. Keep up with the great customer service policeauctions.
N  10th of Feb, 2013 by 
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holding a check for 2 weeks before shipping. seems way to long. if they cant get the damn funds in 3 to 5 business days then something isnt right. i cancelled my ###... cant bid while they hold your check, actually i can buy less expensive elsewhere and its gold yes GOLD nor 925 silver plated with gold. maybe they are a legit company but i dont care if they are. 2 weeks is ###. in these days when the technology is as far as it is, they know the money is there very quickly. i asked my bank.
A  10th of Feb, 2013 by 
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my friend got the shaft. i would never trust these people
N  29th of Dec, 2013 by 
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people buy you a diamond tester.
N  24th of Jun, 2017 by 
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@voughtbest where might I buy a diamond tester?
N  24th of Jun, 2017 by 
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not sure. just started bidding with them. I'm concerned. running into some problems this sunday. bids changing back to my initial bid price even though I have uped the price. award is then given to the lowest bidder by an increase of $1.00 over my initial bid. one purchases made with credit card. later listed on daily buys for considerably more in cost. I have tried leaving MESSAGE with support, but am told form has expired. either they have a "fox in the hen house" on sundays, or it would seem some mischief is going on. reserving judgment until I see their response when I MAKE THEM AWARE OF MY CONCERNS. would like to know name and address of the person in charge of the operation. Perhaps he is unaware of the situation. Certainly, they are losing money because of lowering legitimate bids I have run documentation of this practice. certainly would like to know where I can purchase a diamond tester, because I probably need one.

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