Polaris Industries / 2017 polaris rzr 1000 xp

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Hello there, My name is Danny Pariseau and I've been an avid off rode rider for over 30 years. I was always a die hard Honda and Kawasaki rider, with a few Yamahas in between. In 2013, I had a severe off rode accident that almost killed me. I continued to ride after the accident, but never got the enjoyment out of it that I used to. I was scared. I continued to ride for a few years on atvs. After ALOT of research window shopping, I decided to lean towards a SXS. I rode a couple friends bikes and that fear I had of crashing and getting hurt went away. My family and I went shopping and it was a toss up between the yamaha sport SXS and the Polaris. I've never owned a Polaris but I heard great things about them and they're AMERICAN MADE! My wife and I pulled the trigger and purchased a brand spanking new one that took over a month to receive. We drove three hours to a town near Sunbury Pennsylvania to pick her up. The dealer was very nice (R.E Davidson & son), handed me the keys and said load her up. I backed her out of their garage and went to put it in high range, and it was oddly hard to get in gear. Since I'm not really familiar with them, I thought it was normal. I took it home put her in the shed and couldn't wait for a day off to ride. Finally, I take her out and it was an absolute BLAST! I felt safe and like myself again while riding. About an hour through the ride, my power steering light started flashing and I lost power steering. I shut it off, the light went off and I was good to go again. I get home, clean her off and back in the garage she went. I took her out a couple more times with no issues. Finally winter comes and the first snow is here. I start her up and now there is a banging coming from the belt cover. I call the dealer and was told my belt was prob stretched. Mind you it has less than 25 miles on it. I take it out and ride it in the snow with my daughter for I'd say 5 hours. Again the power steering light comes on and I loose power stearing. I shut it off and turn it on and all is good.I clean her off and back in the garage she went. I plan another trip to go to upstate Pennsylvania. I start her up and go to back it out of the garage and she doesn't move, engine just revs. Now I have a 1500 pound machine and no way to even pull it out of my garage with a vehicle because my garage is fenced in behind my house. I call the dealer and they say check the belt. I had to pull off the belt cover and every single screw was loose to the point that I'm surprised they didnt fall out. I take the cover off and the belt is fine, the primary clutch is seized open. I call the dealer and he states "its becuse it got wet" obviously, the cover wasnt tightened from the factory. I was told that because it got wet it's my fault and that the factory warranty nor the two thousand dollar extended warrenty will cover it. So now I have no other choice but to buy a clutch. Since the machine had less than 300 miles on it, I bought a brand new OEM clutch from EPI and installed it myself. I took it out a couple more times with zero problems. Today 10/22/18 me and my friends planned a trip to go riding in NJ. Took her out and she ran great! On the way back the steering light came on again, I stopped the machine to see if the power steering really stopped working yet again. I'm stopped, looking at the dash board and now the engine light comes on and she starts miss firing. I try to keep her running with some throttle but no luck, she shut off. I try and start it and it wont. I go to the diagnostic screen and it says low voltage to throttle, cam positioning sensor and something else. Now I'm 10 miles from my jeep and trailer, my bikes broken yet AGAIN and I'm riding with dirt bikes that cant tow me back. So I had someone get my jeep and drive it all the way back in the trails, tearing it up to get the machine out. So, now that you know my life story with the RZR you can see I'm not impressed and I'm pretty upset. $22, 000 dollars is a HELL of alot of money for me and my family. I do countless hours of over time a month to pay for a bike that breaks 90% of the time it's out of the shed. I'm 40 years old. I'm not the guy you see on you tube trying to destroy the machine. I take it out and sight see with an occasional white knuckle speed. I know my family and I are just another sold machine to you guys, but I had to write this email. I am so unhappy with this bike. I really thought I made the right choice with buying this to watch my kids scream and smile in the passenger seat. It's more like what's the matter dad, is it not working again? Some time during my busy schedule I am going to bring it to this dealer in NJ with really good ratings (DHY motor sports) If I have to reach in my pocket to pay for anything I might just leave it there and ruin my credit. I am highly upset. I truly believe I got a lemon of a bike. I have zero trust in riding this thing anywhere with the fear of breaking down or even worse, acting up and causing me to crash and hurt one of my daughters. I'm not trying to be a nasty customer but I need you to see where I'm coming from with this. The $450.00 with insurance I pay a month for a bike that doesnt work is very upsetting. I thank you for your time and I really hope to hear from you soon. Thank Danny Pariseau [protected].

Oct 22, 2018

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