Polaris2015 rzr 1000 4 seat

B Nov 26, 2017

Been in the shop more the last year than at my home. 2 fuel pumps. The check engine light comes on every couple times it goes out. Limp mode half the time dealer don't know what the problem is so they want to just throw money at it replacing everything that could possibly be the problem. Seems like Polaris wants my warranty to run out so they can walk away. Have to follow it around in a jeep so I don't have to walk home. They have had it for over a month this time. I have owned 4 Polaris snow mobiles 5 Polaris 4 Wheeler's and 2 Polaris side by sides. I'm starting to think this is my last Polaris at $24, 000 can't afford another one and can't sell this one until it runs. Help!!!

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