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isle of man, Isle of Man
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so from the beginning I place a 10 pound bet that has a bonus of two further 20 pound bets after being placed. lucky me my football team are winning after 70 minutes so I cash out as they are playing Liverpool. I am happy with my 70 pounds of winnings and I go to cash it out as I really need the money. I am then met with a message that if I withdraw now I will not qualify for my two free bets so I leave the money in there it is supposed to take a couple of days. two days later the bonus's have not appeared but there is a free 5 pound spin on the slot machines something I am not familiar with but its free right. the slot machine shows up and there is a little message down the bottom showing 5 pound bet so I click bet and wooosh one spin costs me 50 dollars of my winnings without warning. I am infuriated and complain straight away, I bet this is the first of a common trick employed by this despicable company. they would not reimburse me but gave me a free 50 pound of casino cash(impossible to do anything as you need to turn it into 1000 pound before you can withdraw it so useless. I then think well at least I have my free bets but no apparently because I cashed out early my bet did not qualify despite the message that stopped me withdrawing the money earlier and avoiding this whole sorry mess told me. I cant help but feel that these are all tactics employed by this company to screw as many people over as possible. there is no way this was all coincidence and I'm betting a similar sequence of events will happen to a lot of people like me.

Feb 2, 2017

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