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Bought chips tried several times thinking I was doing something wrong but no turns out I got charged for them just never got them. What to do.

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  • Vi
      26th of May, 2012

    I bought a lot of chips learning the game, got the hang of it and had 45b. Then one day i cant sit at any table. Tried to contact their support several times, but never any answers.
    Then one day 44 of the millions are gone...? And again, no answers from them.
    As i see it this site is just one big scam. Dont spend a peny there!

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  • Du
      26th of Jul, 2012

    i did exactly the same thing took my money but i never recieved my pokerchips, i talked to everyone of there representitives and i got excuse after excuse im not sure why they are there becuase i got excuses never got results

    I believe this sight is FRAUD & is a SCAM they take peoples money and donnot return the goods
    They do have a site which looks real but after you have paid & the transaction has gone through they dont want to know you or even help you


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  • Da
      29th of Aug, 2012

    Same thing happened to me got to 75 million then slowly 10 million at a time just disappeared down to 7 million now .Also seems like some players cant loose at the tables.And others have massive amounts Billions .
    I ve decided that if I loose this time thats it.All seems very suspect to me.

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  • Ar
      12th of Nov, 2012

    I had the same problem with Google Play purchase before, conatcted them and they have find, that payment was just delayed by my bank. So all solved now. Contact them on [protected] - must help.

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  • Fu
      8th of Apr, 2018

    Biggest thieves ever... I won 500 million chips from an idiot.. pokerist took 1 billion chips and claimed I was recieving chips illegally. I told them it was a fair game and I cn not be responisibe for another players ignorance and they basicly said they can do what they want. if you read the terms in the store tab 5.3 basicly says that there are no rules. they sell you chips and then steal them from you.. do not pay these thieving pigs anything... they will steal it from you and there is nothing that you can do to stop them except find another poker site and dont feed the pigs!

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  • Ch
      9th of Jul, 2018

    Just don't use real money. They can't secure they chips scandal problems and blame people for doing it. Basically they just do whatever they want with the money you have and the game play is just manually controlled suited their way. The so called fairness guarantee is a laughable joke as that company should go down with this developer as well

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  • Ch
      9th of Jul, 2018

    I know its only a game but does anyone actually monitor these things ?
    They just say they are fair and we have to believe them, right ?

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