KamaGames Complaints & Reviews

KamaGames / pokerist kamagames

Jun 05, 2019

This app is making everything for you to lose ur hands no matter what cards u have they set you up for o make you buy more chips from their store .. they ignore your questions and keep taking your money someone needs to look close into that app it's rigged it's a big scam .. if you buy...

KamaGames / pokerist - unethical behaviour

Jan 15, 2019

This company are thieves, they have just suspended my account for no reason. When asked they have me a generic reply and said we cannot give information on how we conduct our investigation. The support team just uses bots to reply to you and do not give any information. They did not...

KamaGames / they took 1.2 b of my chips when I transfer it from one of my account to other.

Nov 24, 2018

These people are thief and rude and a lot more, I transfer 1.2 Billion chips from one of my account to my other account and they seized all of it because of what the claim to be illegal transfer. We all know why they this unfair rule, so people buy more chips, love to see they go out of...

KamaGames / banned account for no reason

Nov 02, 2018

Pokerist/kamagames should be banned from store or should be shut down. This app did nothing but steal, cheat and scam their players. I hope legal authorities check this app and take action. This dogs has gone too far from setting up their players to lose, taking their players chips to...

KamaGames / blackjack, texas poker

Jul 09, 2018

Does this developer have a conscious? I've played long enough to know what lucky and bad luck is and they say on their website that they are fair with their random cards ? Gotta be the worst joke of the century. I've attached a picture, this is only one of the few instances I played. Keeps on...

KamaGames / support blocks my account without giving a reason why

Jul 07, 2018

This week my Pokerist account was suddenly blocked. Asking support they gave me a very generic answer that a violated their rules. As I am 100% sure i did not violate any of their rules i asked them to give me the specific situation that happened. Their answer is their policy is not to...

KamaGames / blackjack

Jul 03, 2018

I play A LOT of BlackJack all over the place. At first the game seamed about normal, but after a week or so the dealing changed. I figured the game was rigged, so I played 100 games logging every dealer hand. This game the dealer has a 19-21 an average of 77%! That is unheard of for a... / pokerist poker games

Apr 21, 2018

Their game is fixed and you have employees who know the setups and what order the cards are going to come. You trick people into thinking that the cards are random but they're not. My friends and I know it's fixed because we've played in live poker games and in other online games and have...

KamaGames / blackjack

Mar 30, 2018

The game is rigged. When you first play and bet $50k you when a lot and also get free chips. Soon you will be over a $1 million. In the secoond week the game changes. The old bait and switch con. Soon you lose everything and must buy chips to continue. The chips are cheap and could be...

KamaGames / blackjackist app

Mar 19, 2018

I've been logging every game I've played and this software for blackjackist has to be rigged. I did a block of 21 games. 4 wins 3 draw 14 loses. The dealer often gets 21. And it's impossible to keep a 30-55% win percentage. The fact that money is involved in purchasing chips makes me very...

Pokerist / stolen chips from my account by pokerist

Mar 12, 2018

I won over 1 billion in a bet then suddenly all my chips disappeared, when I contacted the support they came back to me telling me that they have spotted me intentionally transferring or receiving chips, and that its a direct violation of the rules of apple and google and facebook, and the...

KamaGames / pokerist

Nov 02, 2017

Good evening I am hoping you can help me resolve a issue i am having with pokerist. On November 2nd my account was frozen for violation of the rules. My id # is 87-6522-7640. I have been playing on pokerist everyday for about 4 months. I am sick and home all day, playing takes my mind off...

KamaGames / chips transferring and receiving

Aug 19, 2017

All I do is buy chips from Pokerist I spend lots of money and I do play fair!! This morning I received a massage stating I was chips tfring so they took 130 mill left me with 11mill !! I asked for them to provide evidence ! and all I got in response was sorry you won't be getting your...

KamaGames / the game is cheating people

Jan 31, 2017

i've notice that it is impossible that the dealer most of the time gets a 20 or 21 in a game of blackjack. i think that the software for the game is trick, making you loosing all the times so that you have to buy chips from them. which i keep doing until i notice that the dealer for the... / the game in general

Nov 11, 2016

Pokerist claimed I purchased chips illegally, which I had never done. They make the claim because I have substantial chips. They said I was observed receiving or giving chips, which is incorrect. So now my account is rigged and I can not win. I have lost 3 billion in 2 days, 15 billion...

Pokerist / missing chips taken away

Mar 01, 2015

Pokerist is the game and it is a scam I have been getting really good luck and won 7.7 billion came back to it and was left with 25million very unhappy as I been playing this game last 5 years and will not bother playing or buying any chips I will complain over and over again but have been...

Pokerist / pokerist jail for no reason.. suck!

Feb 20, 2014

hi i have an account with pokerist using my facebook account and now i can leave a status message and also i can see any friends of mine in list and WTF is that all about when i tried my own with my own played game...this game being cheated and also a rip off game . few of my account...

Pokerist / pokershiit took my chips earned 40billions

Jun 16, 2013

Recently i login my account to play. Having 40b disaapear fo no reason what kindda joke is this? Cost me alot of money and time playing. Pokershiit took all that. This is up app ever i played ... After all hard time play. Now its all gone. Dont ever play this POKERIST game. Reap off and...

Pokerist / pokerist stole chiips from me

Jun 02, 2013

Recently i won chiips in pokerist app. Next day i login back and see chiips been took out 2billions for no damn reson. So please people res this and dont buy or trust pokerist no more. Thats a horrible thing to do to took away people chiips when they earn hard. TRY POKERIST AND GET MAD...

Pokerist - / never recieved poker chips

Jul 26, 2012

I have purchased chips throught i transferred funds from my credit card in the amount of $44.04 its been 3 days so far & all i have got from there online 24/7 chat room is 1) Our Agent is not in to transfer they Pokerchips into you account 2) My manager is not in so you... / undelivered item

May 07, 2012

on 4/26 and 4/27 I purchased 100.00 which gave me 150 millon chips. Both these transactions had a promise of 100% bouns. This would have egualed a doubling of the 150 millon chips. On nether transaction was this bouns applied. I hope this will be takn care off as I will file a dispute wih... / fraud

May 03, 2012

Bought chips tried several times thinking I was doing something wrong but no turns out I got charged for them just never got them. What to do. / scam

Jan 20, 2012

I bought poker chips from them, but they never sent me them. Only thing they can do is to post excuses in live chat.

Pokerist - Chips / stay away from them!

Jan 18, 2012

Don't fall for this elaborate scam. After you made payment, they just don't care about you. STAY AWAY!