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Beware of hockeystar6, 34, from Hampton, NH. He isn't who he says he is. Ladies, he might look good but underneath the looks he is a compulsive liar, uses women for money, and cheater. He corresponded with me and I found out after he asked me to meet for a drink that he had a girlfriend. I reached out to her on Facebook and sure enough she was the girlfriend. He used her while also seeing and using another girl at the same time, that he met on POF. He got $3, 000 each out of both women. He tells you what you want to hear to get you to meet him. He told the girlfriend he loved her but that's a lie, seeing he cheating on her and taking other girl out on dates on her credit card. The girlfriend stay with him because promised his dad and her he deleted his POF account but never did. red flags: wants exchange phone numbers right after a few messages, because he rarely comes on here, but I never gave him my number, he also wanted to exchange sexy photos, he dodged all response to questions about employment because he has no job. He needs money now so he preys on woman on POF who have good jobs, money, etc. he still lives at home with his parents according to the girlfriend, now ex, and that he was grounded and can't go out of the house because his parents have to pay these 2 woman back, he also said he was single for 6 months but had a girlfriend. He said "i AM not like the other guys on here, I am honest and know what I want, I have never cheated and never will". Of course, take what he said with a grain of salt. When question that he was different then other guys he got defensive. I never said he lied, I just said most guys on here are liars, cheaters, etc. thankfully, I didn't fall for this pretty boys lies. He lied to the girlfriend and dad that he deleted the profile, dad was involved because he had to pay these women back that his son used. This just happened 3/24/17. He's been on pof now since the ex broke up with him because of lies and me reaching out to her. He's looking for next girlbeith a good job he can prey on to use for money. Hevwill use every angle to get you to give him money, he has financial problems, sick relative, car problem, no gas to come see you, etc. the sick part is he uses one woman to take out the other woman he is also using out in dates using the other woman's (girlfriends)credit card. Please he needs to be stopped and have his profile permanently deleted, before more women get hurt, used and their money taken that he won't pay back.

Mar 27, 2017

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