SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Plenty of Fishharassment

Important! Urgent!
Yes, I joined this recently the 28th of April and I left the 29th the next day because I had a user who was harrassing me. I reported the incident several times on many different areas of to report a user from the site/app and now this one since nothing is being done about it I even left mi email on one of them because it asked for that it was required during submitting a report for a user, oh and I also given details the username of their profile in which is the da_thick_one. So still waiting for the email where it says you dealt with the issue and deactivated their account I had to leave the site because of them because they threatened me which would also be illegal since it's called doxing and um if you don't want to do anything about it then I will make it happen. Oh and just know this is a suggestion even if an Admin removes or deactivates them from here they can always rejoin using different information so get the IP address then they will never be on there ever again unless they change their IP but I'm sure you can identify images since it has to go through a moderator but the way I see it the ones like this should be banned completely and permanetely from and of all sites like this. Oh I will give this a poor rating and review. Do what you're supposed to do or step aside from the ones who knows what's right and will actually do just that.

May 01, 2017

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