I tried to buy this... I 'purchased' this bed (And another similar, both from the same company, but 2 different purchases) on december 16th 2016, it wasn't a prime purchase though, I knew that going in and thought about it, but "what could happen?", I thought, "it'd probably be o. K. , it'll just take a little bit longer to ship"... Famous last words... Er, thoughts...
It was supposed to take a couple of weeks 'probably', actually, I didn't get an e-mail that let me know what was up on confirmation, but oh well, it'll work out. Buying prime really has some advantages. Anyway, I checked and kept checking on the date of delivery, nothing, a month went by, then one day it said, "expected by december 30th", the problem with that is, it was already almost 2 weeks into january!
So, I sent an e-mail to plumstruck and I got a message that said it could take up to 2 days to receive an answer, I waited this long, I could wait a little longer. I got an answer after a couple of hours from a really nice person named, "nancy", she was apologetic and said that she would send the company would be contacted and I would have my answer soon. O. K. , at least someone is working on it...
I got a couple of more e-mails from other 'nice' csrs, I thought, from what I read online about this company I sure lucked out and get my stuff now... Wait, there's more...
I got this yesterday, (1-11-17) the day I first e-mailed them.
"your order is scheduled to ship on 01/13/2017. It has an estimated delivery date of 01/16/2017. Once the order ships you will receive an email with your tracking information. "
See that? They are going to ship my order, late, but they are going to ship it, it's just a dog bed, my dogs aren't laying on the floor now, so they can handle it little longer, I think.
So the next day, which is now this morning, (1-12-17) I get the following...
"thank you for your recent purchase from us through This notice is to inform you that on your order # (I removed the number just in case) , we have cancelled the item (S) below due to unavailability of inventory or per your request.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Amazon order #: (I removed the number just in case) order #: (I removed the number just in case)
1 of precision pet snoozzy hip as a zig zag donut bed - gray/white
1 of precision pet snoozzy hip as a zig zag shearling round bed - gray/white
We have initiated a refund for this order through The refund should be credited to your account within 2-3 business days. You can expect a separate notification about this from "
See that? They are not going to ship my orders, it took them a month to let me know that they don't have them in stock! A month! I can see this happening in a week's time, maybe even 2 weeks, but not this amount of time.
We'll see if I even get a refund, since this is not through amazon anything could happen, I have definitely learned my lesson here, never, ever, buy from a company that is not using prime.

To say that I am not happy is an understatement...

Now, is this the worst part? Nope, I just looked and here it is hours later and they are still selling these beds that they know for fact they no longer have in stock, I could even add them to my cart.
So this is crazy stuff right here.

The craziest part is that they have only 2 colors in each of these particular beds, the 'grey and white' ones like I wanted, and the 'brown and white' ones, the ones I did not want, oddly enough the brown ones can be purchased through prime, but the ones I wanted cannot. So, had I wanted to 'settle' and buy the brown ones that I don't like the color of I could buy that and I more than likely, (Who knows?) would have received it, at least I would have known something within the prime 2-day delivery span.

The moral? Do not buy unless it's prime, the one that is sold using prime is actually sold by another company, read this all very carefully or you will be in the same boat as I am.
There is no grey and white ones, only the brown ones, remember that.

Plumstruck also sells merchandise at walmart too, so beware!

Do not buy anything at all from plumstruck, do a search online and you will see what I found out yesterday 'after the fact'.

Jan 12, 2017

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