Plumb Force Directcowboys! do not use!

This company is an awful unscrupulous company with shocking morals. They may do the job but I guarantee they will rip you off and make a big mess. Here is my experience...

The first thing they charge you is a fixed call out fee approx £106. They give the impression your issue will be able to be fixed so this is all you will pay. Sounds reasonable right?

After 5 minutes of Lee entering and making a disgusting mess in the bathroom (bringing up dirty bath water) as well as dirty foot prints in the hall. Lee said he can't fix it manually and sternly said even though he couldn't fix it I still had to pay the £106 today. Let me summarise: Lee came in, was there for 5minutes, made a huge mess in the bathroom and demanded I pay him £106. I asked him to try to fix it manually. If I have to pay the £106 I want proof that it cannot be fixed. He refused. Annoyingly I am not the confrontational type so only pushed this idea a little. He began raising his voice and I could see he was getting frustrated by my questions. Being a small, young female, I chose to not press this any further in case it affected my safety. To most that may sound dumb but I have had some not so great experiences in the past.

To cut a long story short. He said it would cost £450 to fix and said I had to pay the £106 regardless. After querying the price and seemingly pissing him off I got scared and I caved. I did not want to be left with a mess and having to pay £106 for it.

I am more than happy to pay a fair price, but this company back you into a corner where you have to pay even though they make the situation worse. Then you have no option but to pay the ridiculous price they give you. Of course I am pay to blame in the situation for relunctently agreeing to pay but I would strongly recommend NOT using this company so you do not have to experience the same thing.

I also have called them 10 times and sent 2 emails asking for a partial refund. Each time they say they will call me back. Obviously they don't. Horrific company with horrific morals.

Feb 18, 2015

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