SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / stalkers, abusers and sexual predators

Wyoming, IL, United States

Ladies Beware of this user snowbank2013 in Evanston Wyoming this mans name is Willie and he is a stalker and known woman abuser . I am going through a divorce and a relative recommended that I check out POF to meet new friends. I met this guy and arranged to meet him we had one meeting not even a date . The day after we met I had decided that this wasn't for me and decided not to see this guy again. He kept texting me every 30 minutes wanting to come over to my house . When I told him no that I was not interested he drove to my house at 1 AM in the morning backed his car into my drive way turned off his lights and sat in my driveway in the dark waiting for me to come home. I ended up having to call the police . The next day he texted me and made several threats against me . I told him to leave me alone . Upon further investigation of this person I discovered the he has done this before numerous women have filed complaints of him stalking them and that he has a long history of domestic violence. He contacts women and finds out where they live and then shows up on their property and waits for them to come home . He is dangerous and unstable . If you are using plenty of fish dating site beware his profile is a bunch of lies and what he is looking for is someone to let him live off of them if you do meet him he will stalk you till you report him and then he will get violent .

Mar 01, 2013

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