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Plaza Home Mortgage / Bad Lending Practices

1 AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-602-324-2225

They lie, have horrible lending practices and when you call them they do not give you a straight answer and it is people like them that have given lenders and loan officers a very bad name.
My daughter did a loan with them and the loan should have been funded 3 weeks ago and they have no idea as to what is going on and the loan officer Josh Jones just spits out one lie after the other and will not call back and has no idea as to how much she is getting back because he does not know his job at all and should not be there helping people because he is Stupid

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  • Cc
      23rd of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    I too have dealt with Plaza HM... twice! Both times, I have found them to be incompetent and disorganized! I think baboons could do a better job than those ###s! My first real estate transaction fell through because they decided to throw list after list of conditions, asking for stupid little things to get done. They dragged me along for 6 months, causing so many delays that HUD finally cancelled my sales contract!!!
    I am now trying to purchase another house using a different broker. However, my mortgage broker company decided to outsource my loan to the same idiots at Plaza HM. I just found this out this week and I'm so mad I could defecate on their faces!! I swear to God himself, if they do what they did to me the last time, I will surely pay them a visit in person which they will never forget. I'll have no choice but to pull their heads out of their fat ### so they can actually perform meaningful work.

  • Cd
      1st of May, 2012
    +2 Votes

    The other posts are FAR TOO KIND in describing the unprofessional, unethical, & unacceptable behavior which seems to be the standard at Plaza. To say they are incompetent is a compliment. I myself have had to deal with these people, & after months of the dangling carrot & endless extension requests, the seller has terminated my contract. The lender, who uses Plaza for underwriting, has begged me to come back, saying that Plaza doesn't understand what happened... They thought I wanted to do business & get the deal closed. Well, after months of delays, excessive conditions upon conditions upon conditions (i.e. font is too small on the contractor bid), THREE appraisals with me funding them on the front end, & refusing to consider cash savings in the bank as a source of funds for closing (seriously?), I decided I would rather lose the earnest money & all the other money invested in this house than do business with Plaza. WALK AWAY IF PLAZA IS YOUR LENDER'S UNDERWRITER... JUST WALK AWAY.

  • Pi
      30th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    "Please let me know where I need to send my "Letter of Intent to Sue" so that I can begin my law suit against Plaza Home Mortgage. I will need your full name and phone number as well so, that I can ensure that the lawyers have all of the right information when they begin their investigation into my situation that you assured me would never happen. I appreciate your expeditious assistance in this matter as I would like to begin the law suit as soon as possible so that I am not inconvenienced further and maybe this will help other disabled veterans that have served their country not have to go through this as I have had to. Twice."

    I just sent the above email to the crackpot piece of ### that assured me that my tax exemption reimbursement wouldn't be an issue. Again ;)

  • Ca
      6th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Worst company ever!! They hit me with $500 in late fees nearly every month. I'm usually only a few days late... Is this even legal. I do the same with my other mortgage company and occasionally they charge me a $75 fee. That seems more reasonable then $500!!! Scammers

  • Al
      19th of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Don't call if you're a woman, they will bully you and make you feel small just to get your money. All of the customer service team are useless.

  • Me
      1st of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    I have a home loan with plaza mortgage. They offered to allow 90 days of payments to go towards the balance of the loan without penalty or any changes in our mortgage terms or payments. That sounded like a true blessing after the storm, knowing I has missed work and had home repairs. After the 90 days passed, we began paying our standard mortgage, as agreed. Ever since they have harassed me like crazy trying to force me to pay now which was not the agreement. They have also sent me threatening letters stating I'm late, but when I call to complain they say I'm NOT late, but that they would like payment now. I have also been sent a threatening letter that if I don't dispute their demand for a higher mortgage payment in writing, than they will see that as acceptance of the new terms, and a higher monthly. Everything they have proposed is exactly what they said would not happen. I have appealed in writing, and left several messages for supervisors... NOT ONE REPLY. Awful.

  • Cg
      7th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    They are trying to charge me taxes on a piece of property quit claimed at closing, that there are no taxes owed! ever!!! I asked for an accounting of the escrow account, they say they do not have one!!! How long have they been taxes that aren't owed?? Where is that money going???? When we end up in court they will have that record I will bet. The escrow account belongs to me, they are only servicing it; to not supply it is fraudulent.

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