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Sarasota, FL, United States Review updated:

I was waiting in the service area and the coffee machine was turned off! I know it was late in the evening but Doug Plattner - I want coffee now! and it had better be hot! Mr. Doug Plattner of Plattner Automotive Group needs to revisit what it means to have HOT COFFEE on hand 24/7, not just in the morning. And I want Donuts Too! Come on Mr. Plattner how about some hot coffee for your guests!

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  • An
      26th of Apr, 2010

    What kind of complaint is this? I am a legitimate consumer that researches products and services prior to purchasing. I look for honesty, excellent customer service, and a job well done. Yes, maybe coffee and donuts would be a courtesy. On the other hand, at that time of night, water and fruit would be a better option. However, I am deeply concerned with the attitude of entitlement listed here. I do not see any concerns with service other than the fact that you did not have hot coffee that second. Please refrain from making postings into a mockery.

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  • Bi
      14th of May, 2010

    Doug Plattner needs to make sure to have hot coffeee 24/7 at all of his sores inthe Plattner Automotive group. I agree with this comment - and I stand behind my complaint. Why would I go to a dealership that did not care enough to have a little hot coffee on hand for it's guests in the evening and maybee some donuts too. Come on Doug Plattner listen up!

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  • Ri
      11th of Sep, 2010

    Doug Plattner, Plattner Automotive Group -- Doesnt pay his employees on time so they can pay their rent on time...Matter of fact he told one of his employees not to worry about paying rent. And not to worry about the landlord--who cares about him. You know what Doug Plattner you are inconsiderate and should be ashamed of yourself! I believe not paying your employees is a violation of state laws. Maybe I should report you to them. Them you can pay your employee my tenant late rent fees and my fees for me having to evict him because you cant pay him on time!

    You are pathetic!

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  • Jd
      24th of Sep, 2010

    richie, completely agree, he skeeved me out of thousands of dollars in commissions, so bad, i gave my last 2 deals to another employee when i quit

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  • Fo
      24th of Sep, 2010

    stealth you're takin it a little too seriously. I" think this person is just bored and havin a good time. I
    personally thought that it was quite funny. I curse the hot pot that gurgles the last drop, every time.

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  • Ba
      5th of Feb, 2011

    to all you - this man is bad news - whether he is ripping off his customers or his employees - you think it is bad to complain about coffee but understand that the coffee would be the ONLY good thing about visiting one of his dealerships!!!

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  • Mo
      18th of Mar, 2011

    He is a crook and a lier! He uses his employee's and DOES NOT PAY! He takes advandage of the weak, and of the elderly. Do not work for him or but from him!!

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  • Na
      12th of Sep, 2013

    After reading these complaints I will not be entertaining his offer of employment. Thanks to everyone for documenting this!

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