Plain Green Loans / Unauthorize withdrawl and overdraf fees

United States

I applied for an online loan and quickly learned there were plenty of options for someone with poor credit, but was not prepared for what actually took place.

I am on a fixed income due to disability, and needed a loan, after seeing all the fly by night programs out there I felt I found a good match for my situation, I was wrong.
By the time my first payment was suppose to come out of my bank, I had learned my account had been compromised and was told that I had over 50 inquires on my credit.
so three days before the loan was due I called Plain green explained the situation and told them I was moving my direct deposit to another account and requested that they change my automatic billing to the new account and push my paydate up 5 days, they said ok and I didn't think anything more about it. In the meantime my younger sister had passed away and by the time I got through the grieving of her unexpected death, I learned that my old account had bounced two checks that should have gone through as I had put money in there to cover them and that there were over 10 NSF fees on my account. I then checked my new account and quickly learned that Plain green never took out the money from the new account, but now I needed the money in that one to cover bills from the overdrafts from the old one. I was beyond tears. I called them up again and asked to speak with an arbitrator and they put me on the phone with a supervisor and explained the situation and he took a post dated payment from me over the phone, after he took it he informed me that the will only change the due date once and then it returns back to the original due date he also said that they didn't keep my new information because it was a credit/debit card and refused to change my billing information. I looked up information online about help with payday loans and learned the only way you can stop the cylce is by putting a stop payment on your own account, I then got in touch with Blueridge law group who is now handling the balance owned and now I can breath again, What I learned is that the interest fees charged by these payday loan programs are against the law in many states and my state just happens to be one of them. If Plaingreen can not prove they have a license to loan in my state then I will owe them nothing more than a thank you, I also will not be able to get back all the NSF charges they caused, or the fee that Blueridge lawgroup charged. But after doing some calculations the way I see it we have broken even. Lesson learned.

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