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Pizza 73 / undercooked and not good

37th st sw Calgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 403 273-7373
I ordered 2 super mild 2 top pizzas on Sat Nov 1st in Calgary [protected]th street sw)
at aprox :3:10pm. order # A8823359
1-Hawaiian and 1 pep mushroom
The pizza's were basically nothing but undercooked dough with a few meager toppings on them and as for the cheese it was barely noticeable !!
So, I called your customer service and talked to a gentleman who told me that all I could get was a $7.00 credit on my next pizza order.
Why would I want to order another pizza from them? I offered to return the pizzas but he replied that all he could do was give me a $7.00 credit.
I paid 28 dollars(with tip) for these pizzas, what a joke, it seems to me that pizza 73 doesn't seen to care about their products or their customers.


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  6th of Feb, 2010
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My friend and I ordered Pizza 73 one night and while the products were cold, it was understandable as we were not experiencing the best weather in Calgary that night.

My friend ate one of the chicken fingers and realized a little too late that they were completely raw. We immediately contacted customer care about the issue and asked that they send us our order again sans raw chicken. I spoke with Jerry in Customer Care he said his ID was 1886. He was rather rude and not apologetic concerning the circumstances, he said he would only replace the chicken. I have a serious problem with this, because it is likely that the person that prepared our order touched both the chicken and the pizza and therefore this was a cross contamination issue. I didn't think that I was being unreasonable by requesting that we get the order resent with food safety in mind, but he pretty much shut down and kept on repeating "Is there anything else I can do for you"...He also slyly implied that I was lying because "their chicken is precooked and frozen before preparation."

It was raw chicken breast that looked like it might have been in the deep fryer for 30 seconds at most, the chicken was cold, pink, rubbery and not even remotely cooked. I feel that this is a serious issue, salmonella is definitely not something to make light of and furthermore, I expect that when someone makes a mistake, a solution should be presented that makes both the customer and the business happy. I emailed a few people at PIzza 73 and also left a voicemail for someone named Mike that handles these issues. I included pictures of the raw chicken in the emails, one of which was forwarded to Mike. Mike called about a week later and gave a half hearted apology and said there was a $7 credit on the account. When I said that obviously we were not going to order from Pizza 73 again, he said "I'm sorry you feel that way" HAHA...I am never ordering from Pizza 73 again, this was the WORST customer experience I have ever had and I highly suggest you avoid it. We stick to Dominoes and PIzza Hut now, both have great chicken and pizza and are cheaper and delivery consistent hot food.
  4th of Feb, 2011
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Me and my co-workers ordered from Pizza 73 today at 11 oclock and didn't recieve our food unil after 1. I called costumer service and was put on hold for 10 minutes. I'm not an impatient person but this was getting a little too much for me to talk to any of them. So the guy finally gets here and everything is ice cold. We said we didn't want it anymore so he called his boss and said there was nothing he could do about it. Like really buddy? You can fess up to your mistakes? Just take the old food back and give us a new food with a discount. Its not that hard to try and please your costumers, but it apparently is to these guys. Everything about their food reminds me of cardboard anyway! Its aweful tasting and the worst service anyone can recieve. Do yourself a favor and order from anywhere else but Pizza 73
  20th of Sep, 2011
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Pizza 73 - Ignored Information
Pizza 73

Pizza 73 has repeatedly ignored my statement that I am deathly allergic to shellfish. It has resulted in my in the hospital twice due to allergic reactions. Not once have my "comments" be responded too and they refuse to deal with me on the phone.
  22nd of Sep, 2011
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I ordered pizza online tonight (Sept 21, 2011). With the pizza I ordered wings, there are also complimentary curly fries that come with it. Upon opening the pizza box we discovered that the curly fries were nearly raw... they were rubbery and distastful. When we worked our way past this we found the wings were also undercooked with the batter still raw. I called costumer service and they offered a 5 dollar credit for the wings and fries.. The person I talked to was rude and insulted my integence. I don't recommend these people for pizza AT ALL.
  20th of Oct, 2011
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We just stopped by and picked up chicken nuggets from Pizza 73 across from Cardel Place in Calgary. My daughter started eating them and started saying they were rubbery and didn't taste right. When I inspected the nugget it was very pink inside. I went back inside and the man there just said that is the way they look. When I called customer service they too said they can look pink inside but they are not raw because they purchase them pre cooked. There is no way those nuggets were cooked. If chicken is supposed to be pink then that can't be chicken. Never eat at Pizza 73 again!!! Who know what is in the food.
  3rd of Nov, 2011
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I ordered a Pizza from Pizza 73 Coventry - they complete cheeped out on the toppings - I took photographs and sent it to the owners and also called them - they did not care ! I called the corporate head office and still no response - I emailed them and spoke to media representative - a third party company that handles issues for them - still no response - I reminded the spokesperson that I sent in an inquiry was looking for answers ! She promised that someone would definitely get in touch me from Pizza 73 - it took months and months as I was persistent but apparently the brand office does not care. I am sure they lose more customers than get new ones but haven't quite figured out why their sales are probably declining ! The franchise and franchisees don't care - That is my guess.
  21st of Dec, 2011
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My fiance and I ordered 2 medium pizzas. We had a 5 dollar coupon. The guy who delivered didn't state that we had the 5 dollars off when he delivered, even though the bill stated that we had a 5$ off coupon! It was in bold print! He obviously wanted the extra cash in tip! 500f1695g102d350. Not sure if that helps, but seriously get new drivers! Not impressed AT ALL!
  21st of Dec, 2011
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I love your pizza. But if this is what I get from the delivery guys I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM YOU AGAIN! EVER! I have never had such RUDE behavior from a delivery person ever. I'd rather get crappier pizza from people NOT TRYING TO RIP ME OFF!
  16th of Feb, 2012
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I ordered pizza 73 the other night late. Knowing there food isn't the best quality its the only thing open around me that late. I ordered 20 wings and pop which came to 25 dollars and tip him 3 on top of what he already gets tipped from my delivery. As I was paying card credit the machine said printing so I pulled my card out. The delivery guy said I pulled my card out to quick and the payment wouldn't go through and it would take 2 or 3 mins to reset the machine. I told him I would just get cash and that would be faster since its cold out and we both didn't want to wait to go through the process again. The next day I found out the transaction still went through on my card which wasn't a big deal thinking I could just call back and they would reverse the charges. So I call customer service and the nice lady said it would take 48 hours to process and if the charges go through just call back and they would take care of it. No problem I thought again. Call back 2 days later and a customer service agent said that she would take the charges off my card and took down all my card information. The next day nothing still hasn't been taking off my card so I call back. Now customer service tells me they can't do that and give me a number to corporate customer service team which seems to be an answering machine with one guys name 403 310 7373 now hit the number 3. After a whole day of no return phone call from this cooperate customer service team I call back and leave another message expressing that I wasn't very happy and would like a call back! Now I am at would and check my cell phone and see a number pizza 73. No message on my machine asking me to call anyone back or even talking about that they are looking into or solving my issue with the double payment. So I call the number on the phone and get there delivery line again! Are you kidding me! So I ask for the regular customer service agent and for the 4 forth time explain my situation to her. She asks for my number and tells me the corporate has put in the files they have looked into the issues and it will take 2 to 3 weeks to resolve. Again are you kidding me! I'm a Food and beverage manager in a larger hotel in downtown Calgary. Any guests in our hotel has been over charged for anything we reverse the charges right away. It takes about 30 seconds. I really don't understand how a company can operate this way and even try to call any department in the company customer service. It's very sad we have Canada companies like this in Canada.
  22nd of Apr, 2012
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I ordered 40 wings one night and it took then an hour and a half to get to my place and then the wings were freezing cold !!' I find this unrespectful. I called them back after an hour to c were my food was and the guy on the phone was not helpful Just said well they should b there soon he never apologized or asked to composite me in anyway! I'm sorry to say but we will no longer be ordering from your guys .. There had been other issues in the past like pop forgot or wrong pizza delivered and not one had anyone tried to make this right to save me as a customer that makes me me feel u guys don't care about your customers !
  22nd of Apr, 2012
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I ordered 40 wings and they came in hour in 30 min they were cold when they finally got here And I called back to c were they we're and the guy on the phone said well they should be there soon! He didn't try to compensate me or nothing we have had soapy issues in previous orders pop forgotten wrong pizza delivered and never once a sorry or something to keep my business so I'm sorry to say I will never order here again And I will b telling my friends not to as well
  10th of Jan, 2014
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We live 8 minutes from a pizza 73 store, we ordered some wings and were told it would take an hour, rather long considering we arent't that far but we waited, an hour and 20 minutes later and still no food. Called the order line and they put me through to customer service, nobody answered we called back 3 more times and every time they put us to customer service no one answered. Called back and asked to speak to a manager, I was put on hold and guess what no one answered. Brutal customer service. The store was in st Albert Alberta off st Albert road...brutal...never again!
  9th of Jun, 2014
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Pizza 73 just opened in Fort St John, BC and let me tell you, I won't be ordering from them again. The pizza arrived luke warm and I'm 5 minutes from the store. But whatever, that's not my issue. My issue was the fact that I was awoken several times during the night with the worst cramps and subsequent diarrhea of my life. Nothing else I ate that day was out of my ordinary routine so it had to be their pizza. I am very careful about proper food handling and cross-contamination. After reading other peoples' comments about raw chicken and other concerns, I feel that I was a victim of unsafe food handling procedures. If you value your health, do not eat at Pizza 73.
  13th of Aug, 2014
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Used to be such a loyal customer at Crowfoot in Calgary, but it has changed so much for the worse. Poor service, poor food, arguing amongst staff when you pick up, and visible unsanitary conditions. A great disappointment.
  26th of Oct, 2014
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They have jerked me around, and played games. took 2 hours to deliver, was on hold with customer service for hours, their solution 10 dollar discount and they didn't even give me the right order. I am going as far as I can with this complaint because they are terrible to their customers and have terrible customer service. I feel insulted and embarrassed that there are people that run garbage businesses like this. They will never get ahead. Terrible terrible experience. Disgusting customer service. And the driver was rude too.
I am so pissed off, and normally, I would never even bother with this BS for a pizza. But they way they handled it, I will not leave this alone.
  2nd of Apr, 2015
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Ordered 2 large pizzas last night and was told 40 min delivery time. After close to an hour I called and inquired about my order. I was told that it would be there soon. No offer to discount or anything. Pizza finally showed up and the driver lied. Said he was given the wrong townhouse number(said it was written as 20 and not 2) weird since the girl that took my order repeated my address back to me twice! He also never gave us a receipt(his way of covering his lie I am sure). Anyways, opened the pizza and it was cold clearly. On top of that, one pizza was burnt, the other one must have been laying sideways because all the toppings had slid off. We also ordered extra meat and there was no extra meat. I immediately called customer service. I asked them to make the driver come back and give us our money and take the pizza back. I was told that the driver would come shortly(I am only 4 blocks away from the store it came from I guess - Edmonton, AB Summerside Drive location in south Edmonton). After an hour the driver still hadn't shown up so I called again(Keep in mind I have a starving 2 year old at this point). I was told AGAIN that the driver was still coming and to wait about another 20-30 min(by a guy named ALEX) I informed Alex that if the driver was not at my house in 30 min I would be going straight to the store where the pizza came from, to which he chuckled and said "ok m'am". Obviously the driver did not show up(waited almost an hour again) so I drove to the store while I was on the phone to customer service AGAIN. I brought in my pizza while I was trying to explain my situation to yet another person that couldn't understand me(a lady named LINDA) finally got fed up and demanded to speak to a manager. The managers name was PHIL. What a phoney. PHIL acted like he was sooo sympathetic to my situation but in the end explained that he had no idea why I was told that the driver would be sent back because that is not their policy. They DO NOT REFUND MONEY. I was told that if I did want a refund I would have to call and they would mail me out my refund in the form of a cheque. That is infuriating honestly! If a customer is so unhappy that they do not want to eat their awful product, they should receive a FULL refund. To keep their customers happy they should also be offering a credit towards the next order.
I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM PIZZA 73 EVER AGAIN! I HAVE ASKED MY CONTACTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO ALSO BAN THIS COMPANY. Never have I ever received such awful customer service in my life. Pizza 73 really needs to look into these "policies" of theirs because they are not right to treat paying customers like this. In the end, PIZZA 73 STOLE FROM ME. THEY KEPT MONEY FOR A PRODUCT THAT WAS LESS THAN SUB-PAR AND THAT HAD BEEN RETURNED TO THEM. STEALING IS STEALING AND THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. As Justice1111 said.. I would normally not get this worked up and pissed off about a pizza either but the way this whole issue was handled was awful and I too will be taking this as far as I can.
  2nd of Apr, 2015
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Seems like undercooking is the Pizza 73 way. On Sunday I ordered Gluten free pizza (for me), Medium Pizza (with free wings) and 6 pop. They said it would take 20-40 minutes - at 45 min I called - they didn't apologize only defended themselves saying "well that location is really busy". another 10 minutes later it arrived - everything was only warm - Curly fries soggy and after a couple of bites of my gluten free pizza I realized the dough was raw tasting and the cheese on the center of pizza wasn't melted at all...yuck ... I even tried heating it and it still tasted raw - only it was also soggy. I called and they offered another pizza - but what good is that? I couldn't wait another hour for food and by then my family had already eaten. We paid $50 and we could have gone to Boston pizza and been served for just a few dollars more or less...then they offered me the big deal...a $10 coupon for a return...really? Since the pizza that was still raw was almost $15 that didn't even make sense...oh and to return my money? the manager on the phone said up to two weeks...my question is - how safe is their food if they aren't cooking it to proper temperatures...and it looks like this is across the board on these comments...I don't want to risk getting sick and off work because they aren't practicing food safe procedures that's for sure...especially since their only option would be a $10 off couple lol

If this had been a 1 time experience maybe brush it off - but when I lived in Calgary a couple of years ago the food service had dropped from what they used to do - when I used to LOVE their gluten free pizza...but two very bad experiences at two very different locations and a few month apart/ Well that tells me their standards as a company is very unsatisfactory - and I am looking for every area I can to post this comment to warn people - and maybe help prevent people getting sick as well...

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