Dear sir,
I have bought 4 Pirelli tires for my car, Mercedes C200 in June and since that I have called Pirelli Bahrain agent for the problem I have with tires.
They have called me and they checked car for the problem and they confirmed, the tires are ok. They told me to check the mechanical side. I have took the car to agent Mercedes to check, after a week of checking they confirmed there is no single problem with the car and I have paid for that, then Pirelli Bahrain called for the second time checking with different technician, the second technician confirmed the problem with one tire only and we tested the car, improved but totally, instead of 105 above, becomes 115 above shaking.
Then they told me the wheels are not ok, I have took the car for wheels checking, but the confirmed the wheels are all fine.
I have confirmed that with your agent, they have asked me to pay for replacement, I have asked then what about warranty?
After that I never received and call from them and unfortunately they are not replying my messages and calls since that time.

Hope hear from you soon with positive feed back.

Yaqoob Alansari

Nov 27, 2018

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