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DONT DO IT!!! save your self the hassle... i ordered the 9.95 spanish set and it took twice as long as it was expected to arrive to finally come in the mail. and then about a month later i was sent the golden free trial which i did not ask for or want. and a day after recievingi t in the mail my debit card was charged 64.00. i called the company and they said i had 10 days to send it back if not then i would be charged 4 payments of 64.oo and on top of that i had to pay for return costs and after it was sent back i would recieve my refund. this was a huge inconvienence and hassle.

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      Aug 02, 2011

    Listen up and spread the word around. This is called negative option marketing. It means that there is usually a box or form that you have to fill in or opt out of if you DON'T want the "free trial". Most people never know they are signed up. Technically, the company is operating within the law, because the trial and all the other nonsense is clearly written out in size 2 font on a backpage somewhere. So what are consumers to do?
    You can call and hold for awhile ans maybe get some sort of break, OR, you can file a charge-back on with your credit card provider. This doesn't mean you'll win. It is a legal transaction. But these companies operate under shady circumstances which makes them vulnarable to these charge-backs. The reason is that VISA, Mastercard, and Amex especially go through a lot of trouble to invesitgate and mediate these charge-backs. So a company gets a certain ceiling per month that it can hit. After that, they are not allowed to process that type of card. That's why you should call and threaten charge-backs. BTW - every payment counts as one; so if you owe 4 payments or have bee n deducted 4 payments, that means four seperate charge-backs. I worked for a similar "company" and they feared that more than anything. Imagine not being able to process VISA cards. - Like I said. Call them and try it. See what happens. And be firm.

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  • Ar
      Dec 26, 2012

    Can i file a police complain? i see 64 charged to my account for a pack i didnt order and not even open. I am calling them tomorrow. If they dont agree, i am ready to file a police case for fraud.

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  • Te
      Jul 21, 2013

    It happened to me too! I drive a truck and thought it would be a productive way to spend my time to learn a language. Anything that sounds that good should have warned me to be more careful. I just received my unwanted "gold edition" in the mail and hope that I can send it back and not be charged, but it appears that this is the m.o. of this company in order to bilk money from folks. I will contact my bank and try to stop them from continuing this scam that way. This causes much concern that they "got me" and there isn't a recourse. It should be reported to the appropriate authorities so maybe they can put a stop to this.

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  • Fi
      Aug 04, 2013

    I was fortunate enough to research their website before buying into their program. For those of you reading this that have not given your $10 to this company...educate yourself first! Each language requires 4 separate CD disks. You will be sent a disk every 8 weeks and charged $64 a month for each disk. If you are doing the math in your head, you'll realize that you start paying for the next disk before the last one is paid off, making your monthly charge $128, not $64. Also, the free trial period begins the day you give your credit card info, not the day you receive the first disk. It could be 3 weeks before you get that first disk, giving you a week left to your trial period to get it back to them if you are not satisfied. If they dont get it back in exactly 30 days from the time you signed up, you are officially in it for the long haul. That said, the entire language program will cost under $1100 and that's not bad if you will indeed be fluent in the language at the end of the program. Taking a language course at the college will cost you that much and you will only learn the basics. The catch is (and they are counting on this) is that you will lose interest, much like becoming a gym member, and they'll have your money whether you learn the language or not.

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  • Kd
      Aug 12, 2013

    I to ordered the $9.95 set and was sent the gold set. There was a box on the form I submitted with my credit card payment about the gold edition and I unchecked that box. I did not send the gold set back, but I did cancel that debit card after they got me for $128.00. They have been after me and trying repeatedly to charge the cancelled card. I'm giving in and paying them because I don't want a collection on my credit report.
    This has made me wiser about reading all the fine print.
    If anyone is interested, a letter I received from the company listed them as : I.O, LLC. 1600 JFK Blvd. 3rd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103.

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  • Kd
      Aug 12, 2013

    Strange symbols appeared in my texts when I posted it!

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  • Fr
      Dec 27, 2013

    a friend did me the favor of sending me the $9.95 introduction. a month later a "gold level" box arrived in the mail with 16 cds. i did not ask for it, so i ignored it. next i get a dunning letter from them. afraid of a credit demerit, i called them and complained and negotiated a settlement price of about half of what they were asking for. now i discover that they only sent me half of level one, and that to get the rest of level one i have to buy more cds.
    by the way, i like the program--pimsluer was a professor at ohio state, and designed a wonderful program. unfortunately, it is now in the hands of unethical marketers--shame on simon and shuster who own the program.
    frederic harwood

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