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eTeacherHebrew Complaints & Reviews

eTeacHerhebrew / scam

Sep 04, 2017

They use sneaky practices to make you buy such as pressure. The way they treat customers and the way they talk to them leaves much to be desired. And if they ask for your credit card details (and they will surely ask) you have to hang up the phone and never talk to them again. Be careful...

eTeacHerhebrew / Complaint resolved successfully

Dec 16, 2016

I would just like to report that eTeacher contacted me and after reviewing thier telephone records and ascertaining that the sales person had, in fact, quoted me in Rands, I was given a full refund. The money was deposited into my account this morning. The staff that I dealt with were...

eTeacHerhebrew / Customer service, cheating in services

Oct 18, 2016

I would reccomend to be very careful of eTeacherHebrew and NEVER to trust them! They sell products and "packages", the prices differ in spoken and written form, even in 80 USS. - When purchased the Ulpan, they cheated with the original price and their "reduction", in written offer were...

eTeacHerhebrew / Deceitful, high pressure sales tactics, failure to disclose cancellation policy, not competent

Mar 01, 2016

I am familiar with the ancient semitic languages and wanted to perfect my grammar and practice. I requested a call and got another high sales pitch from a woman who came across as friendly and more honest than previous sales reps. But still, I was stunned to find I was being tricked again...

Eteacher / Online Hebrew Courses

Dec 14, 2015

Last year my wife took a course from eTeacher Group entitled “Hebrew A”. This was last year. I paid for the class and ordered material that she received. She had no problem with that class. Earlier this year, she signed up for what she thought was “Hebrew B”. We paid for the course. My...

eTeacHerhebrew / Online Hebrew Lessons

Nov 29, 2015

I was completely SCAMMED by ETEACHER. They are set up to BE a scam company which is why my credit card company's hands were tied. ETEACHER not only scammed me, and I not only didn't receive my hebrew lessons (they placed me the 4th level with 1 other student and I never learned... Online Hebrew / thief

Aug 05, 2015, they are real thief and scammer, I had been through a lot, still my student profile there can't deactivate can't do any thing, sent email is wasted time, wrong answered, excused, charge another fees, making me sending email again, every different person...

Eteacher Hebrew Class / harrassment

Jul 08, 2015

I was called by Eteacher, but not told that was who they were. Instead the sales rep said they were through Hebrew College, which they do have classes through, but is not the one I was being spoken to about, and they are not Hebrew College. She refused to let me see the contract first...

Eteacher Group / thieves

Mar 27, 2015

I enroll in the hebrew class with them. I did ulpan 2 and ulpan 3 with no problems, I loved my teacher and I really learned a lot with this program. However, in spite of being a good customer already, they decided to give me hard time and to mess up with me. To explain you the problem... / They didn't reply and told to wait, but they didn't provide any info

Jan 01, 2015

People, don’t give the card info to the staff from the website They took money for the language course, but after that they told to wait and provided some confirmation info. I waited several hours, but nothing. After that I contacted the rep and asked to...

Eteacher / Ripoff

Nov 19, 2014

Eteacher group is a ripoff. They told me what I wanted ot hear just ot get me to sign up. I wanted ot learn Ashkenazi the rep said no problem we have teachers that teach Ashkenazi. The teacher taught in Sephardi. Called and started with another teacher, still Sephardi. Called in again and...

Eteacher Group / unathorized charges

Dec 13, 2013

The first rep from eteathergroup told me I could learn Ashkenazi pronunciation. They only teach in Sephardi. Two different ways of speaking Hebrew. eteathergroup could only provide different teacher, not ashkenazi. Since the class had already begun, I was told, that to, cancel the class, I...

Eteacher / Shady thieves

Aug 01, 2013

After being sweet talked by a pushy persistent sales rep who failed to mention some rather important info about the products terms and conditions, and told untruths about the product, I unfortunately agreed to a self teach program with this very shady Israeli company. Once the payment wa...

Eteacher Group / business practice

May 23, 2012

First I would like to note that it's odd how you cannot really do a search on anything negative dealing with this group. I saw nothing but good reviews and it seemed like a good program. I should have just went with my gut on the matter. One minute I'm inquiring after service...