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sending & billing you unsollicitated orders

They sent me a supposedly Free Trial, which I could have refused within 30 days. However their invoice date...

different stories by different people

I did order the $9.95 set of cd's. Then I was sent the first Gold course, in which the instructions did...

Italian CD

I think the ads are misleading, I thought I was buying the course for $9.95. Then they sent me a "gold course" (the actual course) for a 30 day trial, to be billed at $59 for 4 installments. I called right away to send it back, they said I have 30 days to use it. I called back within 30 days to return, they gave me another 30 days. This happened for a couple of months. I repeatedly told them that I DO NOT WANT IT and that I closed my acct and wanted to make sure they don't charge me for it. WELL GUESS WHAT... I forgot this month and they charged me $59 for something I never even opened and the bank charged $25 for overdraft fees. I called and they said they'll credit the $59 and not the $25 even tho they could see that I called repeatedly to return it. I'm not even sure what I paid the $9.95 for. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  • Qu
    Quixote11 Feb 26, 2011

    Am I the only person who is happy with Pimsleur? I received my dics for the $9.95 and found them wonderful. I was speaking Italian (very limited sentences mind you) within three days and am now on Disc #5 and learning the language very quickly - enough to get me through my vacation in Italy. When I read the packaging material enclosed with the dics and discovered that they were going to send the complete course to me within three weeks, with a "trial period" and charge me for the course if I decided to keep it after a thirty day trial period, I sent an email to the president of Pimsleur and told him I was not at all interested in the complete course and that I am happy with the $9.95 course. If the "complete course" were to be sent to me I would only send it back unopened. I have not yet heard from them and the course had not been sent to me. That was about a month ago. If, in fact, the course is sent, I shall return it. I have taken the complete Pimsleur Spanish course, paid for by the government, and it is absolutely wonderful. It is, by far the best language course on the market. I have used many other courses including Rosetta Stone. Pimsleur is worth its weight in gold if you need the complete language course for business or if you are going to be living overseas. For traveling purposes, I found the $9.95 Italian course sufficient, especially since I already speak French and Spanish.

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  • Cr
    CraigS Jul 08, 2011
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    Verified customer

    It is not the Pimsleur product that we are complaining about it is the deceptive billing and adverting practice performed by their reseller with the company named Stroll.

    This company is a reseller of Their name is and use the name Stroll on the billing.
    I was first approached to purchase a trial CD for learning Spanish. The cost was approximately $9.95 which I paid online via a virtual credit card that expires after one month. They received the $9.95 payment. I received the single trial disk. I then received another package from them with the Spanish 1 level and this had a 30 day return policy. In the letter it did not mention the total cost of 4 X $64 for a total of $256. It did not mention any cost.

    I received an email billing that stated I owe $64 for the Spanish 1 package. The billing did not mention that this was a partial payment. I thought that $64 was the total cost for the received package. I thought it was a good deal so I made the payment. Nowhere did it say I was making a partial payment. I paid this with a virtual credit card that is only good for one month. I then received another email stating I own $64 with no other information. To me it looked like a rebilling. The bill made no reference to the first payment or that this was a partial second payment. I check my credit card and saw that I paid the $64 – the first payment. I called the number on the email billing and this is when I realized the total cost. I explained to them the deception and they said I still owed the money and the bill would go to collections.

    I have disputed the original first payment of $64 with my credit card company and will not pay any more to this deceptive company. I have not returned the Spanish I package – I will wait to see the outcome before returning it.

    Also, had I continued to make the other 3 payments they would have sent me the next Spanish II package and then followed by the Spanish III package; Each at a cost of $256. That would be a total cost of 3 X $256 or $768.

    I am not saying that the product is not worth it, I just don’t want to be deceived into thinking it is much much less and then not being able to return the product for a refund.

    I talked to the main company and told them about their reseller Stroll, using deceptive selling practices.
    Pimsleur should not deal with this reseller, Stroll, now that they know it is using deceptive billing practices.

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Language CD Scam

This company uses the sale of an inexpensive product to get your credit card number. When you order the inexpensive product, they automatically sign you up for a vague accelerated language program with some small text hidden below the button used to submit your order. The text below the submit button is designed to make you think it is about free shipping, but it also contains some even smaller, fainter text that signs you up for an unexplained program by default.

The unexplained program turns out to be a subscription to have more and more language CD's shipped to you every month for $236.00. When you try to return the product and opt out of the "free trial" you never knowingly signed up for, they create various problems and excuses to try to keep charging your credit card as long as they can.

When I explained the situation to my bank, they canceled my old credit card and issued a new one. However, once the scammers attempts to charge your old credit card are declined, they immediately threaten to turn your account over to a collection agency. The BBB has given them a grade of "F" for these practices and revoked their former affiliation. The whole thing is just an elaborate scam to ship language CD's to people that they did not order, and then try very hard to pressure those people into paying for them once they have been shipped.

  • Ke
    Keli McGee Feb 15, 2010

    The same thing happened to me and I filed a report to the Better Business Bureau and they have a LONG history of complaints.

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programs automatic sent

Pimsleur language tapes started autmaticly arriving an automatic deductions came on my credit card. for tapes i didnt order an service i didnt want . 59.00 each month. I told there customer service i didnt order an didnt want them. they automatic entered me in there gold tape list . I disputed with them an my credit card comapny . Pimsleur says because i didnt return the trail tapes with in 15 days i was billed an started automatic shipping an charges ..each month. january i told them stop an refused any shipments. stop charging me.
This company is scaming people like me . by entering in a program you don not order an want. Be ware.

  • Co
    concerned citizen Apr 04, 2009

    It is true. This company--PimsleurApproach, located in Philadelphia-- seems to be trying to defraud its customers. Unbelievable. PimsleurApproach sent me this sizeable package, informed me that it was my obligation to call some number *anytime* to arrange to return it or else they would continue sending me more language discs and bill me $59 for a total of times, which comes to $236 if my addition is correct.

    I called the number. It is not available anytime, but only M-F, business hours. That is 25% of the time, not *anytime*. I don't know what is going on with this company. It feels like they are running a scam. That is just speculation on my part, but such speculations come to mind.

    What an incredible hassle for me. I order and paid for a product I wanted a month ago and then all of a sudden this. I myself personally will never have another interaction with PimsleurApproach. I personally would not trust them with my personal information. If they didn't have my credit card number that I provided to purchase what I wanted a month ago, I wouldn't now have to worry about them billing my credit card four times. They wouldn't have that leverage on me.

    I personally am telling my credit card company and the Federal Trade Commission. Here is their mission statement and contact info:

    The Federal Trade Commission, the nation's consumer protection agency, collects complaints about companies, business practices, identity theft, and episodes of violence in the media.

    Why: Your complaints can help us detect patterns of wrong-doing, and lead to investigations and prosecutions. The FTC enters all complaints it receives into Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database that is used by thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement authorities worldwide. The FTC does not resolve individual consumer complaints.

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Pimsleur Language Learning Advisor/ Program

I bought the Pimsluer language learning product. I only want to try the starter kit of $9.95. Be careful with...

Fraudulent/Deceptive Practices

I ordered a $10 introductory CD for Mandarin Chinese. It arrived without incident.
Now I have received an additional Mandarin course which I did not order or authorize ($240 total, four easy installments, 30 day trial), along with congratulations on my new membership. Pretty sleazy business practice!
I am returning the expensive course at my own expense with a FedEx tracking number.
I am also sending a registed letter confirming a phone conversation.

unauthorized free trial

I received a trial of German language CDs that I did not authorize on 12/15/08. When I tried to call the company to advise them that I did not order this, was not interested and wanted to return the item, I was on hold for approximately ten minutes when I was hung up on. I returned the CDs on 12/16/08 by UPS despite the fact that I could not get through to the company.

  • Ka
    Kathy Dec 16, 2008

    The mailing address for Pimsleur Approach is 340 N. 12TH STREET
    SUITE 420, PHILADELPHIA PA 19107-1106. It was incorrect on the complaint.

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  • Sb
    sbeasley Aug 09, 2009

    They got me too. Are billing my credit card for a "trial version" that I never ordered. What a ripp off.

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  • Ro
    Roy Little Mar 03, 2013

    I will be returning the Pimsleur Approach. I did not agree to get the Gold version. It was charged to my credit card. I used the address listed above. Please notify that this is the appropriate procedure for return.

    Scott Little

    [email protected]

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Scam and lies

After ordering the course online and receiving an email that my course had shipped, I expected to receive it...

Language CDs

I was lead to believe via an online advertisement that I was ordering a CD package for learning Mandarin...

Deceptive/Fradulent Business Practices

A trial offer I paid for with a gift card. I never accepted to enroll in the program contrary to what they...