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Pimsleur Approach Complaints & Reviews

Pimsleur Approach / Unauthorized charges

mamasellea on Jun 16, 2015
The pimsleur is really unethical company. They told my husband that he only need to pay for the shipping of the CD. Upon knowing that he can cancelled, he told the customer service that he doesn't want any subscription charge but found out they started to billed us 3 subsequent month...

Pimsleur Approach / Fraudulent billing tactics

westcoastfrank on May 13, 2015
I initially purchased a quick and simple approach to Spanish CD program which stated a great deal for only 9.95. I keep all my emails so I still have the receipt to prove the original price. Once you sign up for what you think is a 10 dollar deal you are added to the Pimsleur elite gold...

Pimsleur Approach / repeatedly billed for something I did not ask for

LidiaT on Jan 20, 2015
My child asked to buy two CDs for $9.99 each of foreign language instruction, one for Japanese and one for Egyptian Arabic. I gave her the go ahead. Since then we've been charged $256 in several payments for a "Gold series" which was supposedly left on our doorstep by the mailman. I...

Pimsleur Approach / Charging without notifying

mohsen.alam on Dec 2, 2014
I ordered a package of $9.75 for Arabic. i received the item and tried to complete those. But its my bad that I couldn't finish and those lessons are not suited for me. I didn't return or call them back or even not browsed their website again. After couple of weeks, they send me one...

Pimsleur Approach / Learn Italian / Scam

irina kaplan on Apr 20, 2014
On january 15, 2014 i ordered quick ^ simple italian audio 8 cd's for $ 9. 95. Order number pa51401153504939 paying by my mastercard. Right after i made an order and got a receipt with 866 - 927 - 7658 number on it, i called there and told to representative that i will not be...

Pimsleur Approach / Deceptive advertising

Cessna190 on Apr 3, 2014
Ordered an initial Spanish language cd for 9.95. What they fail to stress is that this ties you into shipments of advanced courses for 256.00 each. Because of debit card change the couldn't auto bill me so they called. This how I found out I was hooked into this. The CS rep said I was outside of the return period so "tough" .

Pimsleur Approach Language Learning Cd / False claims

ChrisB12 on Jan 21, 2014
I had ordered a trial run of the Pimsleur Approach Language Learning CD. I had decided to return it. However, Internet Order LLC recently sent me a letter, saying I must pay $256 for the course. I refuse to pay for something I did not use. I believe this to be a mistake, and would...

Internet Order, LLC/pimsleurapproach.com / Deceptive business practices

JK Graham on Jan 8, 2014
The company Internet Order has multiple web sites for the same product it appears they do not all advertise the same way. They are clearly practicing a bate and switch tactic you can clearly see the differences from the two web sites I post below. This site is the Bate: https://www.pimsleurapproach.com/atc412.asp?sid=sl36010bnr&hid=210482460&uid=466978#cartArea Thi...

Pimsleur Approach / Bait and Switch

jdatbs on Nov 8, 2013
Company offered a "Quick and Simple" introductory foreign language course, promoting "learn a foreign language in 10 days for $9.95." I purchased the course. While purchasing I was given another "special deal" and bought what I thought was a complete course for another $35. I received an...

Pimsleur Approach / Scam / Fraud

Texasgirl13 on May 29, 2013
I ordered the Pimsleur approach sometime in September for "$9.95", or so I thought. They continued to send me another box for a couple of months. They began charging my account $64 / month in November! I called the company to complain and he promised that the last payment has hit... NO!...

Pimsleur Approach (Pimsleurapproach.com) / Scam( not only $65, but $65 per month for many months)

pimsleurapproachisascam on Jan 13, 2013
Hey, guys. Like all of you, I was scammed by them with the same "approach" that they scammed you. Surfing through this website, I noticed that this company has been scamming thousands of dollars off people since 2008. Even if people return their product, they just pretend they didn't...

Pimsleur Approach / unauthorized charges on bank account

Lawrence Luther on Dec 27, 2012
Initially offers very inexpensive language learning, but it turns out to be very expensive. Offers a few disks for 9.95 but then auto-debits your card for 64.00 a month. ( I didn't know this until I received the first disk). It is obviously their intention to have you not recognize...

Internet Order LLC, Stroll, Pimsleur Approach / Scam, Rip-off, Ponzi Scheme

Jun Anonymous on Dec 6, 2012
I have had very negative experienced with this company and when I researched online I had become aware that hundreds and possibly even thousands of victims have been ripped off by Internet Order LLC. Myself and others have been unfortunately naive to trust in a trial program that was about...

PimsleurApproach.com / Scam

Ms. Ames on Dec 4, 2012
Ordered the simple Learn to Speak Spanish program for $9.95. Within a couple weeks I received a large box with a "free trial" containing many other items I DID NOT ORDER. I was told by their "customer service" rep after stating I did not order this and specifically entered I did not wish...

Pimsleur Approach / Fraudulent charges on my bank acct.

mpr69 on Nov 30, 2012
Pimsleur-Approach /Stroll-handles their billing & shipping. They suck you in with a cute 1 hour internet infomercial; sounds like you're paying $10 per set to learn a foreign language, next thing you know you start seeing recurring bills every 2-4 weeks at $64 a pop ($256 per level...

Pimsleur Approach / Quick & Simple Italian CDS

Louis M. Luperini on Nov 24, 2012
I received an E mail from Pimsleur Approach as to learning various languages by way of CDS for only $9.95. I selected Italian and filled out the E mail form which required my credit card number. I supplied my credt card number and sent the completed form back to the Company. A couple of...

Pimsleur Approach / I dint order

yklee on Nov 12, 2012
i am just ordered a $9.95 learn french CD, but they send me the gold edition and charge me $64 every half month. i do contact their customer service by E-mail to cancel this and they said i cant make the cancellation and i must pay for total $256 for each level. Then i request for sending back the CD to them, but hey not allow me to do that.

Pimsleur Approach / Sent tapes I did not order.

102&7 on Oct 10, 2012
I ordered the $ 9.95 audio lesson for Spanish. I received them about 3 weeks ago. To day I received another GOLD set of audio lessons. I DID not order. I refuse to pay for them. I need help. So many people are being taken for a sucker. They should not be able to do this.

PimsleurApproach.com / Frauduletnt sales technique and scam

Elaine T on Oct 1, 2012
Don't purchase from this company!!! I had ordered a "Spanish quick and simple" program for $9.99 from pimsleurapproach.com web site, But in May I received what is called the "gold edition" in which I did not order. I have tried to call customer service about it and each time I...

Pimsleur Approach / dishonest marketing and billing

SNAVE on Aug 15, 2012
It is truly unfortunate that these excellent language programs are being marketed in a dishonest manner. Once I REQUESTED the low introductory offer I was immediately enrolled to receive the more expensive GOLD edition even though the advertizing stressed (except in the very fine, hard to...

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