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This was a come on, bait and switch, and rip off. We can send a man to the moon but cannot produce prints in less than 2-3 weeks. Why? This is a digital age where pictures can be emailed and printed the same day. Why isn't this possible at Pictureme? There is a come on offer of $7.99 and pictures are produced with BAD lighting (especially for Black people). To make the picture decent, a "glow" is added for $20., which shows the person in their actual skin tone. So the $7.99 package is a minimum of $27.99 unless you want distorted bad color images. The only way to get pictures in a timely fashion is to purchase a $125. CD!!! Of course, as with all bait and switch offers, none of this is communicated to customers when the appointment is made. You also have to sit through a full sales pitch with several poses and several packages because the photographer says, "I have to do this or I'll get in trouble with my boss." If you order something and come back the next day or next hour to get something else, it is a Re-order and costs even more than the first order. ALL OF THIS SHOULD BE COMMUNICATED WHEN AN APPOINTMENT IS MADE SO YOU COME TO A SITTING KNOWING ALL THE POLICIES BEFORE YOU WASTE AN HOUR GETTING PICTURES THAT YOU CAN'T USE BECAUSE OF BAD QUALITY OR BECAUSE OF A 2-3 WEEK TURNAROUND. Wal-Mart and Pictureme should be ashamed of such tactics. I will certainly tell anyone I know to beware of these tactics used at our local Wal-mart stores. There is no customer service, no customer individualization, it's mass production with a my way or no way attitude. Extremely disappointing tactics and business practices.

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      26th of Apr, 2012

    Bad photography, yes. ( You get what you pay for ) Bait and switch, no.

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