PhotobookAmerica4x4 instacards set 2 (47 cards)

I prepaid for 6 of the instacards set 2 that have 47 cards in them. The first two I opened and started working with have less than 47 one was 44 the other was 34 cards. I used two other sets and they both had 47 like they should have.

I have been contacting the chat customer service (who seem to have the same scripted answers - many of which do not necessary apply to what I was talking about) for well over a week now. I have "talked" to at least three different people. I have been told the issue has gone to supervisor, technical team, and manager. CSR people say it is on a high priority but they are Christmas gifts I have to get ready to send out.

I am asked for the order number each time - I have multitudinous (not a real word) times stated that there is not an order number as I'm not going shortchange myself by sending it in without the right number of cards.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Spring Lake, MI I have been told it will be fixed, they will get it to me by Christmas and I will be compensated for my trouble. I have asked if there is any way I can send these two erroneous sets in and be credited with one enough to make up for the cards I am missing and the shipping that would send those in as I am already paying the shipping on the short changed sets. I get pat answers from everyone - the technical team is working on it to make it right for you. I don't need those cards now as I used the next sets to make up for the missing ones.

I did all of these the very beginning of December as my December is very full and I knew I wouldn't have time later. Now if you "fix" it and put those blank cads back in the sets I don't have the things I needed to put in them... they are in the ones I followed up with, submitted and actually already have received!!!

I have never had problems with Photobook America before but I will be leary about recommending it again.

  • Updated by Debi143, Dec 12, 2018

    There was a day that one set of Instacards were being sold. I tried to purchase them but it said the promotion was complete. I screen shotted it to show it still had 5 hours to go and later 3 hours to go and would not let me purchase them.

    I called customer service and they wanted the screen shots so I sent them to them and they said they would "take it to their supervisor" - the mysterious supervisor who I have asked to be transferred to but nothing has happened.

    Guess I lost out on that too - if you're program can't fulfill their own special - don't put them up on your website.

  • Updated by Debi143, Dec 12, 2018

    When you changed your computer to a new one - you did not put all of the prepurchased items in the new files of customers. Thank heavens I kept emails that had the voucher numbers so that I could do your work for you and give you the ones that should have been in my account.

    As it was I lost one hard cover bigger sized book as i didn't have the email for that one.

    I think you should have done more testing on the system crossover before you went live.

  • Updated by Debi143, Dec 12, 2018

    I called the number that there is for customer service and was on hold for 25 minutes. Then a recorded voice said press # to leave a message or * to be transferred to the operator. I thought I might as well talk to a real person since I've waited this long. I pressed the star key and it said voice mail for this extension has been deactivated (or some such word) and hung up after me. I have tried calling back numerous times now and the line is busy. I guess I definitely am not the only person having major problems with your products.

Dec 12, 2018

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